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Author Topic: Carnegie H. Roberts  (Read 2368 times)

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Carnegie H. Roberts
« on: July 31, 2013, 12:50:11 PM »
Carnegie H. Roberts
Age 26
Height 5'6" (167cm)
Weight 121 Ib (55 kg)

Female human ranger 2
Medium humanoid (human)
Init +6; Senses Perception +4+2
Combat Style (Firearms)

AC 20, touch 16+1, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor +6 dex +1 dodge) +4 AC against AoO (dodge bonus)
HP 21 (1d10+1+3 +7)
Fort +3, Ref +9, Will +2

All Include BAB (+2).

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee knife +1 (1d4/19-20) or pistol whip -3 (1d4/20) or rifle butt +1 (1d6/20) - (pistol whipping is considered an improvised weapon)

hunting rifle +8 +1 a/d up to 30ft. +1 (2d10/20) 80 ft. (16 squares) 5 round mag. Semi-Auto (reloads with a move action).

handgun +8 +1 a/d up to 30ft. (2d6/20) 30 ft. (6 squares) 17 round mag. Semi-Auto (reloads with a move action).

knife +8 (1d4/19-20) 10 ft. (2 squares)
Special Attacks favoured enemy: animal (beast)
Scope +1 to hit. +2 to Perception checks.


STR 8 (-1)
CON 11 (+0)
DEX 18+2+3 (+6)
INT 13 (+1)
WIS 15 (+2)
CHA 9 (-1)
Base Atk +2; CMB +0; CMD 17
Languages English, French
SQ track +1, wild empathy +1


C Profession (gunsmith) 1 (+6 total)
C Profession (mechanic) 1 (+6)
C Profession (electrician) 1 (+6)
C Craft (cooking) 1 (+7)
C Handle Animal 2 (+4) +1
N Knowledge (engineering) 1 (+5)
C Knowledge (nature) 2 (+6)
C Perception 2 (+7) +2
C Stealth 1 (+10)
C Survival 2 (+7) +1 (to tracking)
N Driving 1 (+7)
C Heal 1 (+6)


Personal Firearm Proficiency
Benefit: You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your AC. A condition that makes you lose your Dex bonus to AC also makes you lose the benefits of this feat.

Benefit: You get a +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks of opportunity caused when you move out of or within a threatened area. A condition that makes you lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose dodge bonuses.
Dodge bonuses stack with each other, unlike most types of bonuses.

Benefit: You gain +3 hit points. For every Hit Die you possess beyond 3, you gain an additional +1 hit point. If you have more than 3 Hit Dice, you gain +1 hit points whenever you gain a Hit Die (such as when you gain a level).

Point Blank Shot
Benefit: You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.


Never Stop Shooting

Benefits: If your hit point total drops to 0 or lower but you are not dead, you may act as if disabled rather than dying (as if you possessed the Diehard feat). However, you can use your actions only to draw a firearm, reload a firearm, or attack with a firearm. If you have the Diehard feat, this trait also allows you to substitute your Wisdom score for your Constitution score for the purpose of determining the negative hit point total at which you die.
Hunter's Knack

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls against your favored enemies when you make such attacks as part of a readied action.

Gear (160$)

Studded Leather Armor 25$, Remington 700 (7.62mm hunting rifle) free, rifle cartridges( 38 ), Rifle Scope free, Glock 17 (9mm autoloader) free, handgun ammo ( 23 ), Knife 2$, dog 25$, Outfit (Cold weather) 8$, Dirty pre-war casual wear 6$, Pre-war casual wear 8$, Pre-war relaxed wear 8$, holy symbol(silver,cross) 25$, compass 10$, Pork n' Beans (4 cans) 20$, Potato Crisps (1 bag) 5$, Molerat meat (1 chunk) 4$, Beer (2 cans) 4$, bedroll 1$, Rope, hemp (50 ft.) 1$,  8cap(s).

Coyote pelts (3), 1 large battery pack (specifications burned off but appears intact), 6 Units of electronic parts, 4 Units Scrap metal parts , 3 Units mechanical Components, Packing Tape Gun with 1/2 roll, 20-30 assorted metal keys, 300m roll speaker-type wire, Box of short, pink, funny smelling cylinders(urinal cakes), 3/3 bottle of Cattail hooch, 1 Toolbox with lock (metal key unlocks) [Contains; Screwdrivers, from stupid large to tiny, a pipe wrench, a small plastic box with two wires hanging out - red and black, a hammer, hacksaw, and other more odd ones she had no names for. ]
Bottle of Pills ( 1 ) [Label Reads: Tac-Eezze, Trained Medic Use Only! Schedule 12, Dosage Form: Tablet, Color:  Scarlet, TETRAPHENOL CYCLOFORMICITE, 45mg  x12, Lockheed Pharmaceuticals],
Bottle of Pills ( 1 ) [Label Reads: Ceraphena, Do Not exceed 4 tablets/24 hours, Analgesic, Bayer],
Stim Pack ( 1 ), Hypodermic Needles ( 6 ), Trauma Pack ( 2 ),
Blue Plastic ID Card [Reads: Technician Albert Tompson, issued June 1, 2173], Ceramic Cup [Reads: King of Idiots]
Tear Gas Grenades ( 2 )

Personal Free Items
Toothbrush(2), doggie-brush, diary, vial of fermented perfume, deodorant stick, bar of soap, used squeaky toy (bone), a mishmashed bible, a handful of dried berries and an interesting rock.


Carnegie's mother and father were part of a group of 30 or so settlers who made an old abandoned trailer park called Heavenly Haven into home. The bombs hadn't fallen this far out, so the radiation was comparatively low. Which made it all the stranger when one day people started showing growths, tumours, which spread at an alarming rate. For whatever reason, Carnegie wasn't affected, but she still starts every morning and ends every day, checking for growths.

Always a daddy's girl, Carnegie was raised early to be self sufficient, she hunted for food, did minor repairs, and led a simple but humble life. Both her parents were strong believers in the Christ cult, and the proud owners of a pre-war bible of their own, Carnegie too was raised in this stern but well meaning manner. She was named after her grandmother on her mother's side, in turn named by her mother, whose dreams of becoming a songstress had come to naught. Apparently long ago, it was the name of a place of singing and music in a huge city with buildings so tall that they reached heaven.

Heavenly Haven was the only spot of civilization she had any experience with, prior to her dad's death (her mother had passed away some weeks before). Her father being the last of the trailer park colonists who died. She kept to the wilderness at first, living off the land, but despite the company of her family dog, Elvis, there was only so long you could go without talking to another human being. And so, with trepidation, she sought out the small town of Kenebac.

It's now been short of 2 years since she arrived, she's been living at Tilly Hartwell's boarding house, who she calls "Auntie". She's even made a few friends, among them Luc Alekzandr, who insists on treating her like a little sister.


Dog (yellow labrador, male) Elvis
Height 24" (61 cm)
Weight 75 Ib (34 kg)
N Small animal
Init +1; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +8

AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 12 (+1 Dex, +1 natural, +1 size)
hp 6 (1d8+2)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1

Speed 40 ft.
Melee bite +2 (1d4+1)


Str 13, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 11 (15 vs. trip)
Feats Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Acrobatics +1 (+9 jumping), Perception +8, Survival +1 (+5 scent tracking); Racial Modifiers +4 Acrobatics when jumping, +4 Survival when tracking by scent

Elvis is a friendly dog trained for hunting not battle, but he'll defend his mistress if he feels she's in danger. He is rather well disciplined though, most of the time.


Carnegie will handle any social encounter akwardly(unless she's friends with the other person), and any battle against anything non-human with confidence, as long as it's nothing too monsterous. She refuses to kill or even harm humans unless she is forced, and maybe not even then. She wouldn't count mutants or ghouls as humans though, unless they look and act mostly human.

She's likely to follow orders from authorithy figures, be polite, not break the law and generally do nice and humane things. If she has to choose between what's right and lawful, she'll choose what's right, acting in the moment if she deems it neccesary. She wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice herself to save another, but she would hesitate to engage in mostly any social situation with strangers, except basic greetings and pleasantries if needed.

In her free time, she hunts and cleans her weapons. At bedtime, she brushes her teeth, prays and checks herself for tumours, in the morning all the same except the praying part. She feels the most at home outdoors.

She's likely to use perception a lot, as a hunter she's wary. She's also likely to use Stealth if she thinks there's something unknown nearby. If she see's something she doesn't recognize, be it natural or mechanical, she's likely to check it out (Knowledge Nature and Engineering). She's also happy to cook for and repair weapons for friends.

Elvis is likely to be generally happy and playful unless Carnegie is distressed, he smells or feels something afoot or they're hunting.


Townspeople - Carnegie doesn't have many friends, but most people either pity or treat her alright, as she's a genuinly nice person. No known enemies, but probably a few bullies.

Luc - He is one of few people she feels comfortable around, and one of very few she can boss around. A true friend, she felt warmly for him, maybe even infatuation, but that all changed with their first big mission together. Now she doesn't know how to feel about him. With Luc off sulking somewhere, Marcus and Anya have started vying for the position as leader, neither of them seem very fit to fill his boots in Carnegie's mind.

Marcus - She is scared of him and wouldn't want to be alone with him, she feels he's a bit of lecher. She would have to see a better side of him to change her mind. His reckless and impulsive nature continues to cause trouble though his intentions seems mostly good.

Anya - Just an acquaintance. She doesn't know so much about her, but feels that she's nice enough. Weapons are one of the few things they can bond over. Anya have started coming out of her shell, unfortunately from that shell emerged a very bossy and sometimes confused woman.

Asha - She views her as a friendly sort, her kindly nature puts Carnegie mostly at ease, but her mysteries are like a wall inviting suspicion.

Kreadle - He fed Elvis, so he must be nice!

The Mayor & His Wife - She responds well to authorithy, and as such she has a lot of respect for the Mayor. But she's scared of his unhinged wife.

Auntie Tilly, Her Beau Sig and the boys - They have pretty much adopted Carnegie by now, she feels at ease around most if not all of them.


Primary Aspiration: Laying the Lumps to Rest
To learn about what caused the deaths of her parents and the rest of the people living at the trailer park, and to know whether or not it will happen to her.
-Talk to several doctors and other knowledgable people about it.
-Getting some thorough physicals using at least an X-ray, Med-bay or similar(anything modern).
-Learning about similar events.
-Talking to survivors of a similar situation.
-Revisit Heavenly Haven and her parents graves.

Major Aspiration: White Picket Fence
Someone to share life with, settle down somewhere safe and raise a family.
-Using Craft(cook) successfully 7 times on the same person. 2/7
-Finding a faithful partner who loves her.
-Finding a safe or defensible place.
-Build a Place of their own.
-Reach middle age.
-Gain a Child.
-Teach someone a useful skill.

Minor Aspiration: From Clumsy to Suave
To gain more confidence and get over her social akwardness.
Ongoing Milestones
-Everytime she befriends someone or successfully uses a social skill 5 times (diplomacy, bluff etc).
-Standing up to a bully.

Minor Aspiration: Pillar of Community
Being useful to her friends and community.
Ongoing Milestones
-Successfully using Knowledge(nature), Knowledge(engineering), Profession(electrician), Profession(mechanic) or Profession(gunsmith) 5 times.
-Repairing 3 broken mechanical things.
-Helping someone nice out in a big way.
-For every heathen converted to the Christian Cult by her.

Minor Aspiration: Big Time Hunter
The beauty of nature is wonderful and all, but having meat on your plate takes priority.
Ongoing Milestones
-For every 5th edible animal felled by her. 3/5
-For every 5th edible animal gutted/cleaned/skinned or cooked by her. 6/5

Level 2 (20:04:22) Minion: Gossamer rolls 1d10 and gets 7.
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Re: Carnegie H. Roberts
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2013, 09:13:59 AM »
Looks good. We stretched a little on the weapons, but thats ok. You have 1 background pick left.
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Re: Carnegie H. Roberts
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2013, 06:28:34 AM »
Logging - Achievements

Hits: 4

Misses: 2

Rifle Cartridges Fired/Spent: 6

Bullets Fired/Spent: 0

Critical Hits: 0

20s Outside of Battle: 1

Natural Ones: 2

Highest Damage Dealt: 13

Lowest Damage Dealt: 2

Hardest Check Passed(against confirmed DC): 0

Equipment Broken(Personal): 0

Equipment Repaired(Any): 0

Enemies Slain: Coyotes, Mutant Coyotes, Robo-Janitor, Robo-Dog

Total Exp Gained: 1300

Exp Needed For Next Level: 2000
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