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Placeholder for rule discussions and rulings.

1.Players should create their own thread in this board, where they can put their character sheet, and any major changes made during course of play. It may be used for XP calculation as well, so it is in your interest to keep it up to date.

Character Generation

Basics and Ability Scores per Pathfinder rules. All attributes to be generated via point build (25)  + 1d6 bonus points to apply to one stat. Superhuman values are allowed and attributed to mutation.
See (, section 2).


Ghouls are a mutation that affects around 5% of all wastelander births. Treated as Undead

Species Traits
Size: Medium Undead Humanoids
Lifespan: The brain starts to rot after 80 years, and loses 1 INT point every ten year until the creature is a mindless undead.
Attribute Modifiers: No Constitution Score, -4 CHA (1 point minimum).

Base Speed: 20ft
Special Qualities: A ghoul possesses all undead traits, ghouls are immune to radiation.


Subject to discussion. Starting community is very humanocentric, but there may be options for mutants to be used.  Mutations can replicate spell-like powers and the like,
though obvious physics-benders would likely be rejected.  Ideally mutants would be a re-skinning of an existing race and must have no level adjustments - at least during the early days of teh campaign.  Once average party level is high enough, mutants with non-zero level adjustments could be considered.


Ranger   (Spells are replaced with bonus feat every 3rd level)

Acrobatics   Dex*
Appraise   Int
Bluff      Cha
Climb      Str*
Craft      Int
Diplomacy   Cha
Disable Device   Dex*
Disguise   Cha
Escape Artist   Dex*
Handle Animal   Cha
Heal      Wis
Intimidate   Cha
Knowledge (engineering)   Int
Knowledge (geography)   Int
Knowledge (history)   Int
Knowledge (local)   Int
Knowledge (nature)   Int
Knowledge (tribal culture)   Int
Knowledge (religion)   Int
Linguistics   Int
Perception   Wis
Perform      Cha
Profession   Wis
   Other Blackpowder era professions available.
   Electrical (rudimentary - basic wiring and understanding of chemical batteries.)
   Mechanic (basic - simple 4-stroke engines. Modern computer-dependant machines are a no-go)
Ride      Dex*
Driving      Dex
   There are some, but again extremely rare, operating land vehicles. Those PCs would have encountered are dreadfully old beaters converted over to Alcohol.
   Boats with functional outboard motors (again converted to alcohol) are more common.
Sense Motive   Wis
Sleight of Hand   Dex*
Stealth      Dex*
Survival   Wis
Swim      Str*


Core non-magic feats available as well as ...

Fallout Perks

Fallout perks affecting skills need to converted from percentile to d20 based, +5 becomes +1, etc.


Personal Firearm Proficiency is a free Feat for all Humans.


Characters start with 2 traits per standard Pathfinder rules.  Fallout Traits are covered under Backgroup options below, and are in addition to these.


Starting off, PCs may purchase Blackpowder tech items or lower.
Metals armour will be limited to makeshift types only - the local village does not have a blacksmith skilled enough to produce proper armour.
Makeshift armour is 2 points lower in protection, but may be obtained 'free'.
Weight carried, while not meticulously tracked, will be considered, and so selection of equipment should reflect this.

Firearms are limited to either those purpose-built for blackpowder (muskets, older bolt-action rifles) or more modern weapons retooled for blackpowder. These conversions are somewhat unreliable but ammunition is far less scarce for such weapons.  Automatic weapons are not available at this point.

Functioning Electronic devices are very rare and may only be selected as a background pick.

Local Knowledge

See Setting notes,6462.0.html

Background Picks

Characters start with 2 background picks, selected from following list:

* Perk/Feat
* An additional +3 bonus to apply to a specific skill
* One stat additional +2
* Roll on the Player Mutation table (TBD)
* Piece of special equipment - can be fairly rare, expensive, including mastercraft. Maximum cost 500, and has emotional attachments.
* Fallout Trait


Food will not provide instant/gradual healing, due to the differences in HP and damage.  Stimpacks and similar items are available (empowered by stem cell and nanotechnolgy) but must be found. There are also a few places where healing devices can be found, though those are strongly held and expensive to use.

Natural/assisted healing rules from Pathfinder will apply.

Starving characters will have a problem with natural healing.

Radiation is far less of a factor in this setting, and most foodstuffs are not radioactive. Not that you really can tell :)

Fallout Feats Conversions

Scoundrel: +5 Speech, +5 Barter  ==>  +1 to all Social skills such as Bluff, Intimidate and Diplomacy

Fallout Skills are % based, so conversion to D20 skills will 5% = 1

Note on Skill Checks

Where the outcome is not knowable by the character - eg. Tracking, perception, stealth, those rolls will be done by myself.

A player should not know when they have failed a stealth roll until in-game consequences inform them.   

No rerolls are needed at this point.

You may be able to determine your success/etc via achieving aspirations and xm awards.

I also give XP bonuses for well crafted posts and participation :)


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