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Call to Arms! There are no cats in the Citadel!


I was doing some linkage hunting in the Citadel and I have discovered a tragedy. There are no cats in the Citadel.

No magical cats

No heroic cats

no cat bats
no unicats

Megafauna cats
Magical predator cats
Intelligent cats.

No lions
no tigers
no panthers
no cheetahs
no lynxes
no ocelots
no house cats
no witches familiars

I am formally requesting an urgent fix to the this problem.

Good catch! Need cats!

Maybe get Cat as a freetext

Forganthus made Catbooks, and of course he did Cats and Rats, but that sub was lost in the cataclysm.


Here is my cat. it is black and hairy lives in the desert
it's pasttimes are burrowing in the desert and eating people.
I lub my kitty.

Also, perhaps this could be the next quest :p


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