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DR reduces incoming damage by the listed amount, and can reduce damage to 0.

Additional item

Ballistic Fibre Vest

AC +0  DR +1  Special:  Converts 4 points ballistic damage into non-lethal. Can be stacked with other armour types apart from other damage conversions. No effect apart from DR for non-ballistic damage.
Weight 1lb. 
Cost $400 (when available)

This is special fibre with nanotech properties that becomes very rigid when struck by very high velocity, essentially a bullet-resistant tea-shirt.


1 GP =  1 $ = 1 Cap.

5 Casing = 1 Cap


This wiki will be considered the main source for modern equipment.

Energy weapons may not be purchased at startup.

All of those armors made things a whole lot more complicated... What should I be wearing? And what's DR and how does it translate to 3.5? Will you be making a list of the fire arm costs next?

How so? The costs for most are higher than what you start with, and these are not in the 'free' list.

DR reduces damage by the listed amount. 

I'll do guns soon, but since the costs will be higher than starting funds allow, the automatic 'free' firearms with blackpowder are your best bet.

This list covers off stuff you have heard about thus far. Its not complete...


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