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The City of Stonehammer has a militia called the Kings Marines.  They are a little more brutal then normal, wear somewhat outlandish 17th century type gear.  They are fairly well armed, including some smokeless guns.  They frequently assault weaklings and mutants.

Raiders from the West frequently have small  4-wheeled vehicles they use on raids.

(from pm, but useful for all)

As a low level character, travelling far and wide is quite dangerous, especially alone.  Scavenging by yourself in new areas would be quite hazardous.  Nature has rebonding in a fashion, and there are predators that could overmatch you.

Kenebac was once a bedroom community for Stonehammer, so there are literally thousands of homes unoccupied, and some tracts of underdeveloped forest.  No major underground caverns have been found.  Most homes are in poor condition though, primarily due to the effects of Winter on unoccupied homes.

The location is the Northeast, perhaps near Maine.

The Neo-royalists are normal people, though their militia are *******s. Trade is possible, though if the militia are about, you will lose your profits.

Names are up to you, though the region is decidedly english with some french and aboriginal influence. That said, survivors of any particular ethnic origin can be found there.

Close to Stonehammer, and visible from quite some distance around, even with the rolling hills, is a massive Archology built in an area called Rockwell. It appears as a massive concrete building with Georgian influences.
The Kings Marines have attempted to enter the structure a few times, and were given massive casualties each time.

It is home to another group of survivors who are even more insular then the other societies around - people have been seen through windows and such, but have not been seen outside.

The starting village is a place known as Kenebac, a sparsely inhabited region heavily forested.
The Long Road extends east to Raider lands and south west is the ruined city of Stonehammer,
populated mainly by Neo-royalists.  Northwards are the Deathlands, where mechanical monsters make life difficult.
Southward is Grey Fields, another somewhat neutral community that lies between Kenebac and the Sea.


Very few remember a time before the Fall. Most people are young and their parents do not live very long. Life is hard, brutal and everyone is fenced in by fear and by hostile neighbours. Maybe someday this could change, but today, today is a challenge.


Kenebac consists of a network of fortified buildings, with decent, patrolled pathways interlinking them. Some of these paths run through heavy forest, and have been cleared back at least 10'.  Many traps are placed at the trail edge to catch various hazardous animals.


The main cluster, called Red-Tower, consists of two large, 2-story structures, one the remains of a theater, the other an expansive supermarket.  The location also has a prominent cell tower, still standing with red lights atop still glowing at night,

Most other structures within 300 meters have been razed to the ground, and a wall made from wrecked cars, old concrete highway dividers, metal from buildings and other debris circles these two large buildings.  South of these runs a 4-lane highway which still has 1-2 passable lanes.  The wall closest to the highway has had several feet of earth piled against it to protect it from small-arms fire - the highway is known for Raiders en route to Stonehammer, and they occasionally take pot-shots at the settlement.

Inside the structures they have been divided into parcels for living areas, and nearly two dozen families calls the Red Tower Cluster home.  About a half-dozen unattached soldiers also help defend the structure, and there are nearly 70 people capable of bearing arms.  The cluster also has a couple of vehicles, the best one being an ancient biodiesel truck that has had much steel bolted and welded onto it (mostly guardrails).

Red Tower’s biggest weapons are a 20mm Cannon converted into a blackpowder breachloader (once a display weapon from WWII) and a 300-year old muzzle-loading cannon that last saw service during the age of Sail.  This weapon is generally loaded with miscellaneous shrapnel and has no explosive shells.

Noteworthy NPC

Mayor Barry Richards

Scarred, somewhat portly old Scavenger, rumored to be the son of a Vaultdweller. Has a non-blackpower automatic pistol and an Assault Rifle. A bit condescending but means well most of the time. Has a mousey, though somewhat psychotic wife named Linda.

Louis (Luie)

Richard’s right hand man, he is also what passes for a sheriff. Somewhat vindictive but can be bought with old alcohol. Has a heavy caliber hunting rifle.

Sanja (Quartermistress)

Closest thing to a general store outside of Stonehammer. Sanja carries a fair amount of equipment, and is interesting in buying anything of value, but she never gives close to market value. She is smart, shrewd and capable of fixing most things, again at a high price.


The second largest cluster, this place was one a yacht club.  Several nearby homes in addition to the club have been combined, fortified and surrounded by  a fairly wide picket.  A watchtower has been built giving visibility over miles of water and hillsides.

Approximately fourteen families reside in the cluster, with perhaps a couple dozen residing in various nearby homes.

Edgewater does not appear to have any emplaced weapons but has a number of functioning boats, one of which has been fitted with metal armor.

Edgewater is overseen by Captain Lydia Stormwell, am overly outgoing person who uses a shotgun and a machete.  She seems quite happy with life and takes even tragedies with a shrug.

Fields with crops can be found scattered all about, anywhere the ground was free enough from debris to be cultivated. Some building roofs have also been used.


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