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Author Topic: Chapter 3: Choices  (Read 13 times)

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Chapter 3: Choices
« on: Yesterday at 07:34:00 PM »
Several days later...

Having left the Vault in the old school, Asha, Anya, Marcus, Carnegie and Elvis returned to find the town somewhat a little less aflame than they had left it.  The fire had been put out, and an attack from Raiders had been pushed back without major loss.

The Major had insisted on hearing everything that went on underground, and seemed especially alarmed by the device-dominated zombies.  Especially the warning they gave.

“The Deathlands he said?  Thats a place no one in their right mind would go.  Killing machines from Before are there, said to have been driven mad.  They don’t wander outside, so we have been safe so far. But if some _thing_ is going there it might be looking to stir em up. Not sure if we should try and intercept it or wait and see.  I may know someone who can speak to this. Let me get back to you on that.

“That Vault sounds like something dangerous to have at our back.  I’m considering having the door sealed by collapsing the building and burying it.  They’ve kept this long, they can keep a while longer. You have any other thoughts on that? Anything you want to do before we seal it?”

“And to top it all off, the Eastern Raiders have stepped up their activities, and they’re not continuing on to Stonehammer as usual. They have been making some attacks around Kenebac.  I’m looking to start organizing a punitive raid against them. See if we can get some of the outlying communities to lead us some hands for the effort.  Marcus, I’d like you to assist with that. I think it would be a good release for your - energies.”

“So thats the situation.  An old friend of mine has returned from his travels. Doc Sandoz.  Steady hand with scalpel or pistol. He’d be an excellent addition to your team, since I expect wherever you go will be harms way in some manner.  I think there are others you might be able to bring along.”

Tilly’s had returned more or less to normal. Bau’s wounds have been tended to. And their walls have had additional material added to them.

You have time to do a little bit of side activities before embarking on any of these efforts.  Tusserk can bring Mr. Creed into the discussion. Apart from Asha who is too new, everyone is familiar with him.  We can can adjust as needed.

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Re: Chapter 3: Choices
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 09:56:45 PM »
The soft jingling of chainmail announced his presence as Creed stepped forward to listen to the story. His scarred face and ever present pistols glistened in the light as he nodded to the mayor. “We need intel on the raiders as well. Why have they not left the area for Stonehammer?”