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Rowdy Tavern Song - The Kobold's Tail


I'm working on a rowdy tavern song packed with innuendo (inurendo!) and I would like some input and ideas. I'm also looking for collaborators on this little project, in case you've missed it,6375.0.html.

Okay, so these fragments are what makes up the ditty so far. The tune goes like this; Da-Da-Da | Da-Dee-Da | Da-Dee-Da-Dee-Dee-Da |
Da-Da-Da-Da | Da-Dee-Da-Dee-Da-Da.

And these are the fragmented lyrics I've got so far(nothing is final).


Friends gather round for a tale tall and true, regaling a kobold, who's endowed and shrewd.

While he may seem short, and not very dapper. He still vited gets, behind red door and clapper.


A kobold's tail may be gnarly and short, it still finds its uses, every lock needs a key.

And his tongue may be split and his scales are still thicker, but the ladies still vouch for this little shticker.


The women still grab at his bag of holding.

Not much in his noggin but noone can chafe at his tiny barbed bobbin (don't like the word barbed).

And his legs may be stubby, but his aim remains true.

So yeah like you can see, something in the spirit of Pratchett's Wizard's Rod song.


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