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Where to Post Fiction?

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Where exactly are we supposed to post fiction? I looked around and didn't see a specific place for it so I put it under articles/fiction/general role playing because it;s the only place that looked appropriate.

Maybe someone could make a separate section for fiction writing sub divided into various genres?

You pose interesting questions that don't have a solid answer yet. Right now the fiction section isn't as filled as it would need to be to have a breakout, but if there are enough people interested and enough things written then we will cater to whatever creatively appears on The Citadel.

Strolen to my count, there are five people who are currently on the site, who would use the ficiton section should you make such a category.  Fiction was one of the categories for 3.0 We would get more fiction, if we had a section.

hey thanks for the tips that you gave me, am trying hard now. i did as you told me, but now am changings a lot of things, and also am thinking that i need to put a message in what am doing, like "never give up" or "the hope never die", something like that, well thanks; sorry if you dont understand what i wrote, my english is not so good :s.

Perhaps with new things coming to the citadel it;s time to revisit the concept of adding a fiction section for us aspiring (and published) writers to post our work in.


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