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$75 challenge


This is a reverse challenge in a sense.

It seems that I am always being corralled and smacked around by Mathom when I try and do stuff. It is so easy to get sidetracked and chase the next shiny thing. Sometimes, well, actually always, I can justify why I don't get things done. I wanted to finish the Cartography Quest last weekend. Instead, I had a few other ideas that I ended up exploring with it which sort of really did need to be fleshed out. The ideas formed the base of the rest so I couldn't really write them without figuring it all out. That was legit for missing my Saturday deadline. However, come Sunday, I found myself organizing pinterest and getting some "must have apps" on my android tab.

So I wasted away Sunday more or less. I should have buckled down and got some done!

I got home from work today and was wasting more time reading the all important facebook, G+ and organizing my updated gmail inbox (it has tabs! ;) whatever). Oh, and my stocks are up 5% and over $600 on my play  investments (bought a bunch of gold mine stock when it hit bottom over the last few weeks and it is rallying) so I watched the streaming quotes for awhile. All said, I did s**t!

Doing nothing frustrates me and stresses me out, but sometimes I can't help it. Well, of course I can, but it is so easy being lazy and I enjoy it. Ever since I finally finished school I have been enjoying my new found lack of responsibility...and I have been loving it. Too much perhaps.

Which leads me to the $75 challenge. Basically I am publicly challenging myself to get something done.

So with my time after work, I will finish the Cartographers Guild Quest by Saturday 1200 (Rome time) or I will donate $75 to the quest that will start at the same time as the deadline.

Either way we will start a quest and there will still be a prize.

So there, called myself out. Let's see what happens.

And now that this has been seen and noted, you have full accountability to do it.

Good luck! (We'll be watching...)

*Pens the challenge down in the ledger*

Consider this challenge officially on record. Good luck! You could always try and find someone to collaberate with if you run low on time :p

You will pleased to know I had to work a 12 hour shift today and it is hot as crap. Tomorrow I have to work late and am invited to a going away dinner that will last till 2300. Looks like I am doing most everything on Friday....maybe. :)

Prize looks good so far. grrrr

Phew. I made it. Sorry. :) :(

Working on the quest now.


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