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...Ahem...(Clears throat)....

The Poem of Elements and Anti-Elements, by Captain Penguin

Whirling air,
bright fire,
steady earth,
gentle water,
living wood.

Sullen air,
devouring fire,
lightless earth,
raging water,
smothering wood.

Siren sits in a dark corner, dressed all black, and snaps her fingers for the penguin. "Bravo, man. Bravo."

i like it I  do but it is missing something...

So make another poem.

storms a brew'in
tormenting the green pastures
violence a stew'in
clouds swirl in anticipation
over the Citadel this day

gamers are writing
typing out visual creations
verbally fighting
spelling matters of opinion
within the Citadel this day

as lightening flashes and tornados bloom
nothing seems to get done.

all of this carnage spells out doom
dismissing all of our fun

as the clouds disperse
I find it a curse
to happen upon the Citadel another day.


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