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Cosmic Turkey
« on: July 17, 2013, 08:58:11 AM »
Turkey makes terrible movie adaptations of Western films with a certain mix of Borat/Telemundo groove going on. I like terrible movies.

Turkey sits a massive crossroads in the New Earth Governments. It is nominally a satellite of the Eurasian Alliance, but it is a happy member of the machine as the quality of life is high, and violence is low. (most of that business is going on in Eastern Europe). But its location makes it a major trade point for the Atlantic Federation, the SAUR, the free nation of India, and it has large amounts of terrain around it that is unclaimed, namely the wasteland of the former Levant and Middle East (likely the worst real estate in the world) so there is a degree of lawlessness that makes plenty of room for smugglers, border patrols, desert raiders and neo-soviet mecha.

But I suddenly have the inspiration for Turkey to become the California of the Cosmic Era. It is rapidly modernized, a tourist destination for the EA, studded with gleaming cities, and hot girls and the cutting edge of cosmetic biomodification. Move the Hollywood sign there, as it is the leading producer of high budget holovids, action series, and so forth. Plateau Girls replace the Valley Girls (sorry Valley Girls, I still love you) and the surf culture is replaced with the Mediterranean riviera culture.

Hollywood is all about remakes and the greatest movies of all time are timeless stories, thus the submission will need some Cosmified Turketroned versions of not just the greatest movies of all time, but the biggest blockbuster franchises, and some of the Cult classics.


Gone with the Wind - CE version is first mainstream movie with a hardcore pornographic scene
Casablanca -
Citizen Cane - Rosebud was his clone


Star Wars
Pirates of the Caribbean
Harry Potter


Rocky Horror Picture Show

List is done off the cuff without any googling, so there are tons more to explore and play with.

Looking for collaborators on this.
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