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I hereby pledge myself to the first entry quest of the dwarven guild.

1. Write 3 subs (1 stub is allowed to count as 1 sub for this Quest. But only 1 stub allowed, 2 must be subs) on anything Dwarven related
2. Start 1 Dwarven-related topic in Forums for general discussion/discourse
3. Read, vote, and comment on, 3 Dwarven-related submissions by others.
4. Must assign yourself at least a "3" at first level in strength, endurance, and constitution, respectively (Int, etc is less important to us Dwarves)
5. Must have 3 or more votes on each of your Dwarven-related submissions
6. Must maintain a 3.25 or higher score count on ALL of your Dwarven submissions from this day forward.
7. Must add "Dwarven Guild" freetext on all subs

Read, Commented and Voted on 3 dwarven subs, and wrote a dwarven post.

First dwarven Guild sub up.

First sub has met with the requirements.

While I put down the finishing touches on the Dwarven Calendar (my third sub) which will also be for the summer doldrums, I bring you the second sub:

If all goes well, I'll have got the calendar out before Friday this week.

Well it wasn't before Friday, but it was on Friday, so I'm calling that a win.

My summer doldrum as well as third and final guild quest sub:

The other one barely qualifies atm with 3 votes. (It's pretty short, people, an easy read-through).


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