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Ok, this will probably sound really stupid, but I've been toying with this idea for some time now.

What if a character could walk in and out of his and other's dreams? He could change what he wanted in them, then step out and move on to the next person. Obviously, you could alter someones dreams that you hated into nightmares, or your friend's dreams into pleasant displays of color and pictures.

Also, a dream could be modified to a point where it appears an omen, and make the dreamer think he needs to do something to fulfill their dreams.

Now here are the things I am having a bit of trouble on:

1.) If the person dies in the dream, what happens to him/her in real life? Does he die or is he transported out of the dream back into his own.
(on a side note, the brain won't allow you to die in a dream, but what if the dreamwalker kills you. Obviously the brain knows not what the dreamwalker will do, so what happens to the dreamer there?)

2.) The person obviously has to change the factors of the dream himself, but how powerful would he be? Could he change things by wanting the to happen, or would he have to personally influence various factors of the dream to get the desired affect he wants?

3.) Getting into a dream is easy enough (he just climbs into the dream-cloud of the sleeping person, but how does he get out? Thinking himself out might work, but that limits his powers in the dream itself, so a different method would be better.

Any other aspects I havn't thought of yet, so feel free to add anything you want.

I don't think that sounds stupid at all! Imagine all the cool adventures one could have in the Dream World!

Hello SniperSPY,

I imediatly see a use for this. It sounds to me like a illusion spell, cast on someone who is sleeping.

I think the questions you raise are very valid, but I would say (from a 3rd edition D&D back-ground) it all depends on the level of the spell you are using.

A first level spell would never allow you to realy hurt a person. I think at first level you could only see what is going on.
Around level three you could alter the dream to make it seem like an omen, but not realy hurt a person.
Around level five you could start hurting people, but not kill them.
Around level seven you could seriously hurt people, but only at level nine could you kill people... But that is just by comparing with some necro spells that I sort of remember from the top of my head.

(realize in 3rd edition D&D max spell level is nine)

Yours, Ylorea

Why reinvent the wheel.  There are two games centering on this premise. One is still in print.  The better one of the two is

Company: Apex Publications Inc (USA)
Authors: Matthew D. Grau, Christopher Dorn, Timothy R. Erickson and Lance P. Johnstone
First publication: 1994
Genre: Horror in the dream world

Theme: It is when we sleep that we are most vulnerable. It is when we dream that they come. The Nightmares that creep into our minds when our souls are bared and corrupt our beings. The Nightmares.
They are a threat as timeless as life itself. They are the beings that live on the other side of sleep. They are the Nightmares.
There is hope. There are people who can walk dreams. The Dreamwalkers have the power to stop them. Only the Dreamwalkers know.

The Movie DreamScape 1984 is a good source material for a dream game.

The Sandman comic is a great source of dream information.

In Nomine has a dream suppliment that would work well for you.

The big decisions you have to make should not be based on us, but upon the way you want to define your dream world.

Yes, I know, but the three issues I raised are points I am stuck on, and can't think of ideas to solve the problems I am having.


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