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No one knows exactly what happened, little that it matters.  We know the world died that day - almost.
Perhaps it was the Rapture, and we were all left behind.  We are certainly in hell now.

Looking for interest in an RP set in a post-apocalyptic world.  Influences - Fallout, Gamma World, Bioshock, Cosmic Age.

Game System - Custom  (Fallout 3/D20/rolemaster) but rules light, even with the Rolemaster influence :P

This will not start immediately - looking for interest before investing too much time into it.

Count me interested. Do you have anything in mind about the basics of the setting? Specifically the apocalypse: nuclear war, zombie virus, or otherwise.

Most certainly human initiated WMDs. Not zombie apocolypse.

Human WMDs? Hmm... what would be kind of cool would be a human-engineered plague that wipes out most of the world's population. Not a zombie-virus, but like the black plague. And then production and transportation were wrecked, plopping the survivors into small communities that struggled for existence. Fear that the plague mutated and uses strangers as a carrier would keep the communities insular, and exile would be the most feared punishment. Then we as the PCs could get exiled, and we'd have to survive in a land that kept us away at gun-point. And winter's coming on...

Of course, its your call. I probably, as the player, have too much influence on your GMing and scenario decisions.

Humans, mutants and cyborgs? Like in Fallout?


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