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Barbarian Horde:
Hey!!! I'm a newbie and though i still have a lot to learn about role playing I'm alright though not an expert.  Well, anyway I'm sooooo lost and have no idea where to go and what to do.  I would be really grateful if someone could give me a few pointers.  :D  :?:

Well, first of all, log in. Or if you don't have an account, join up!

In the end we are all lost and wondering wether we would like to find back RL....

For now I am happy to walk around here and enjoy my stay.

But I do agree with the captain, join and make yourself known... It is much more fun that way.

Yours friendly,


Some links that might be able to help you..

since you did not really define a) what kind of roleplaying game, b) onlinfe/ offline/ mmorpg/ forum, c) system/ genre.

Here are some links that should illuminate. The ones with * are most important for you.  

First and Foremost for you:
*****Uncle Figgy's ******
Has some excellent guides. Read the Players Guide for you.

Some others that may or may not be good for you...
* Afira's rpg books Black Hat Mat Blue Room Dr Staat Wordsmyth games- Mudd Info

And some good sites about general roleplaying information and communities to help...

*, click forums Always good to poke around in
* Forums and Articles
*** Burning Void Four's Site Articles/ Stories Places to Go, People to Be eZine

Don't overwhelm our poor guest, Moon!


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