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I'm thinking of doing a collab on some rowdy tavern songs. But I want to go the extra mile, so I'm looking for someone who can play an instrument. Guitar (or dare I dream, a lute) would be favorite, but piano or otherwise is just fine. And you would need some recording equipment so you can share with me what you've made. You could always be a song writer and use some kind of sampler/music program, that would work as well.

Bonus Points if;
+ You are a native English speaker.
+ You live in the UK, or at least have more than passing knowledge of Brittish accents.
+You are willing to do vocal as well.

If you have none of these things, that's fine too as long as you've got humour and enthusiasm, we could always be more than two. But the project hinges on that one musical talent preferably.

Here's the down and dirty. I've already started on a song. That one, I want done my way and final say in the matter. But I am also willing on making others, and those I will be more than happy to leave up to others to create. So there's no shortage of creative work. I was thinking maybe three songs would be enough for a sub.

I wouldn't know what to do about royalties and the like, so it would probably be best to just release em for free.

Let me know what you think!  :D


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