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Ideas Rewrite
« on: July 04, 2013, 11:07:47 AM »
I finished up the ideas. They work for me anyway so you know how that goes.

So you still have the listings but I have changed all the formats around the Citadel to be identical with title and author on top and other stuff on bottom.

I incorporated the ideas onto the homepage. Formatting might need a little work but we will get there as we start using it. I have them stacked at the bottom of each day. I had to do some math to get them in the right spot so that might not be perfect, but you get the point and I will get it right eventually.

For all ideas:
- So you can read and upvote them immediately if you want and you should get the instant feedback of the success. The xp number disappears if you have already voted on that idea. Probably do something better later.
- Each one has the "view" link on them. That will open a pop-up that isn't really a pop-up. You can do all the following in the popup without disrupting what page you are on.
-- This is where you get the link if you want to link to it.
-- This is where you can edit it
-- This is where you can delete it
- Inputting an Idea
- You create a submission in the popup window.
-- Write the idea. Title and category should not be required, all you need is the idea text.
-- Write a title or select a category if you wish
-- Submit the idea.
-- You should see how it turns out in same popup. If you want to edit it, you can do so immediately and bounce back and forth till you get it right.
-- Once you submit and dismiss the window, the idea is saved and you will stay where you currently are. Won't disrupt your browsing.

The biggest thing for it all is I want to make it easy to put in an idea, submit it and carry on. Saving you from going to a new page load, do your idea and all that seemed like a hastle to me for something so simple.
Putting them on the frontpage for easy voting and easy XP gathering for good ideas was a second bonus that I hope will get people using them again.

Additionally, in you submissions, the same popup will be available. You can link with the standard [idea#126|text]  in your submission and when they click on that, they will get the popup. Again, it won't disrupt their reading and they can view the full idea. (Just realized they can't vote there - will fix that)

So that is the new ideas in a nutshell.

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