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A summary of Chinese mythical beasts


Just seeing the level of Strolenati interest for this idea? I came across a whole page on Chinese mythical beasts and life-forms while doing research for the additional scroll for my Dragon and its Nine Off-springs sub and couldn't  tear my eyes away from it. Just wondering if the Strolenati is interested enough in these (for acting as inspiration sources or straight drop-in into a game just to add flavour etc.) in which case I will compile a scroll of these by manual translation (i.e. translation by me)?
Support of 10+ votes will put this on my list of upcoming projects. Otherwise, I won't bother.

No more votes? I'm expecting Muro to say yes based on his comment on my The Dragon and its Nine Offsprings sub.

Let's see, who hasn't voted yet and is long-term/recently quite active member:
- Muro
- Val
- Dossta
- SE
- Caesar
- Axle
- Forganthus
- ........

Come on, guys, give me an answer one way or the other. Thanks.

I will always say yes to quality content :p
I find myself with less and less reading time and motivation, so as to whether or not I will read it, I cannot say; but that does not mean others won't find use for such a thing - there are countless people who look at this site per day and never log on or make an account - they will likely benefit from it.

I just wrote a Chinese flavored sub that might benefit from this.  If you put it up here, I'll probably read it.

Okay, I've decided to do it based on the current level of interest. To be honest, I've always got a bit of wanderlust when I write subs and while I'm currently already concurrently working on the 2 companion subs to my the Dragon and its Nine Offsprings and the Strolenati Lv. 2 Quest, Mathom has held me up a bit in both. So I might add this project to my workpile as well. Might take me a while to complete it but I'll put sth up once I've reached a substantial length (currently planning to submit 2 or 3 scrolls classified by themes i.e. good omen beasts, bad omen beasts, relatively harmless etc. so thinking of submitting a scroll once it has got say 5 beasts)


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