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I'm working on an addition for my Spouse Generator(Which is currently being restored).

Basicly, I need several reasons for why a Creature/Entity/Person/Familly/Group would be hostile or friendly towards someone.

1) I just need general reasons, nothing specific.

2) It needs to be something that holds true in any time-period/setting.


Hostile because of theft/jilted lover/family member killed/ancestral enemy.

Friendly because of bound by blood/business associates/lovers.

Any help is greatly appriciated, as always.

I'm just throwing out anything that comes to my mind in random brainstorm style.

Friendly because:
- grown up together and got along well
- friend of a friend
- reminds person of someone loved or at least liked
- has a friendly disposition in general to anyone not outwardly hostile
- likes person with certain looks/outfit/accessories
- received help from person before (directly or indirectly)

Hostile because:
- grown up together and always had a rivalry
- disliked by some acquaintance of the person
- reminds person of someone hated or at least disliked
- has a hostile disposition in general to anyone not personally known
- dislikes person with certain looks/outfit/accessories
- had a setback associated with the person before (directly or inadvertently)

Thanks ML.

This is what I've got so far;


1. Parasitic Relationship
2. Ancient Allies
3. Greed/Need/Desire
4. Dependence
5. Owing a Favour
6. Bound by Blood
7. Good Friends
8. Business Associates
9. Mutual Friends
10. Joined by a Common Cause
11. Friends with Family Member
12. Childhood Friend
13. Best Friends
14. Former Lover/Spouse
15. Lovers


1. Ancestral Enemy
2. Jingo
3. Just Because
4. Childhood Rival
5. Patsy/Fooled/Betrayed
6. Enslaved/Dominated/Used/Dependence
7. Jilted Lover
8. Jealousy
9. Dishonoured
10. Slighted/Insulted
11. Business Rivals
12. Rivals of Love
13. Theft
14. Had a Friend killed
15. Had a Family Member killed
16. Philosophical Differences
17. Cultural Differences
18. Religious Differences
19. Disease/Curse
20. A Misunderstanding (Roll Again)

Reasons for hostility (and I am going off of the spouse concept here)

Disgusting Habit
Disgusting Personal Belief
Disgusting Political Belief
Disgusting Religious Belief

Reasons for Friendliness

Exemplar Habit
Very Attractive
Very Charming
Sexually Adept


--- Quote from: Scrasamax on June 23, 2013, 08:49:48 AM ---Reasons for hostility (and I am going off of the spouse concept here)

--- End quote ---

Ah, let me clarify. The two people having either a friendly or hostile relationship, aren't the two spouses. This part is about Contacts related to the spouse or his/her family. For example, old family friend, business associate of his/her family member, an old feuding rival family etc.

So when you marry into a family, you'll end up with their old friends and enemies. And this is about why they're friendly or hostile towards the spouse/the spouse's family.


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