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I've decided that I want to multi-task and work on a Guild quest again while doing my Dragon Empire subs. So I hereby declare myself for this quest.

1. 1 sub incorporating 5 subs that's at least 5 years old (5in1 sub upcoming)
2. Comment and Vote on 10 submissions that are over 5 years old.
Aviontix Gods
Beast Weed
Cursed Profit
Claw of the heart
Jasper's tale
Bloody vines? (submitted quite a while ago but updated within the last 5 yrs)
Funeral Gold and Grave Silver
Keep Silence
The Black Stump
Sextant of the Soul
3. Comment and Vote on 10 submissions by 5 different Authors that are no longer active.
Kubla Khan's Herb by Grimalkin
Demano Demois by Balmore of azur sky
Ole Faithful by Nimblefinder
Jamil's Bain by Nimblefinder
Angered Sprite by Nimblefinder
Slavina Plate by Nimblefinder
Sword of Belwar by Nimblefinder
Lady Shayla by Lord Kimahri
The Fatal Sword by CapnPenguin
Median Forked Dagger by CapnPenguin


Now the 5in1 is loose from Mathom's grasp but waiting its turn after I finish the Villain quest

You are a writing badass!


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