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Actually, no reason for not revealing the actual sub names used except for slackness. One of them is Scras' Funeral Gold and Grave Silver and I can never remember it on my own cos I always get mixed up with the two words before Gold and Silver in this particular title. The others are easier to remember but I just can't recall all 5 at the same time w/o referring back to my notes.

I think one of Caesar's suggestions "Escorting the Loot of Love" hits quite close to the mark and I might just use it.

To be honest, I'm not really stressing over the title, the reason I'm asking for help is that I'm just really bad with titles and I don't want a solid piece of sub to be ignored just cos it's got the most dreadfully boring title possible as you can see from those two that I came up with on my own plus I'm expecting it to be long (it's a 5 in 1, after all) which might turn some ppl away from it already.


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