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I'm notorious for coming up with unimaginative sub names so I'm creating a poll to seek inputs.
The particular sub I will be creating is a 5 in 1 hired adventure plot sub, with 3 storylines interwoven together.

It's hard to hard churn out a name for something like this without more details.

Try picking the name of something significant in the plot (such as the name of the questgiver, or the name of an item which must be found. Maybe the name of the land it's in; something central to the plot.) and then embellishing around that.

Sooo, off the top of my head, a mini plot: Wilfred the mage has animated some oozes in his laboratory in a massive accident. He needs the pc's to go in and cleanse it out.
From that I can squeeze out several titles!
"Mishap of the Bumbling mage!"
"Wilfred's task"
"Wilfred's slimy Laboratory"
"Cleaning crew"

A bit campy, but the ideas there :p

Got any keywords for us? Basic plotline? We may be able to help you out more.

Well, basic plotline is the PCs got hired on an escort mission to a given destination but then I have some sort of keepsake from a dead love weaved in plus elements of grave robbery and some sort of mad man that wants to tag along on the journey. (Actually, the keepsake and grave robbery are the two elements really driving the plot, the mad man less so.) That's why one of the titled contains the term "mixed bag elements" b/c it's just a jumble but then I figured that particular title is so unimaginative I might as well just call it "A hired adventure......."

And I can't really think of a 3rd alternative.

Was the dead love's keepsake taken in the grave robbery? Because then you could call it "The Theft of Fallen Love" or "{Name of Dead Lover}'s Final Wrong." Or you could make a title around the grave robbing: "The Spoiled Tomb" or "Escorting the Loot of Love"

Really, take the most important and most interesting element, tack on an adjective (if needed), and add a phrase describing the second most important/interesting element. As an example: Most important element might be the hiring/escorting. Second important element is the lover's keepsake. Use a thesaurus for the adjective, if you can't think of one off the top of your head. Therefore: "An Escorting of a Lover's Locket." Or whatever the keepsake is.

But really, the title doesn't matter too too much. If the idea is good, then it'll be well-received. Or just don't stress over it, start writing the idea out, and the if you might just come up with the perfect name halfway through the sub.

Do not settle for unimaginative.  If you need help even on the sub-components, please ask :) Do not simply call it <adjective or any number of adjectives> adventure. No no no! :)

SE's and caesar193's suggestions are good.

Now, with the clues you gave - is there a reason you are not revealing the subs being used?- I'd suggest the following:

The Rocky/Twisted/Unexpected/Fell Road to ...
Gravestones and Keepsakes

Can you be more specific? It's really hard to come up with decent feedback without more specifics.


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