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Wading through darkness.

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And Lazarus Lightward has finally taken his first step into darkness. Now, as he walks through the twisted forest that is Occultism, he seeks to establish himself and further his goals. In doing this, he will attempt to recover the lost Whitebone Tomes and Resurrect the vile HellMage!

I pledge myself to the Demonologist quest! And wish to attemptt the optional quest as well!

As I cannot give myself the keywords, I call upon the other pledge, Dr Bezemot, to supply these for me!

Go forth Occult-Lord Lightward, and do thee something with this:

1. Retribution
2. Regmaglypt
3. "In lightning, madness"

I have an update!

Item completed: The Whitebone Tomes
Plot completed: Whitebone Book Hunt

Optional quest still in work!

The votes have been cast (quite a while ago actually, i've just been pre-occupied!) and the core requirements are complete!


As I have chosen to attempt the optional quest, I may not advance until such a time as I pass or fail. I shall attempt to work on it over the next week!

And the optional quest is complete, pending votes!


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