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Restoration at 95%


All the big stuff is done.

ALL the missing subs have a placeholder. If you see Valadaar and Chaosmark over the next few days, give them a great big thanks. It was mostly through their efforts and database skills that we were able to get to where we are. I owe them a giant debt of gratitude that will be difficult to repay appropriately! Also to everybody else that jumped to the rescue with great attitudes and understanding and critical assistance. This so could have went the other way and I very much appreciate everyone's good will about the event. I have family in so will be out of the area for the next week but when I get back I will recognize everyone that assisted!!

We took the April 14th database as the starting point. Val got us back to that point. He restored the forums to their current glory and all the comments/votes etc. He got us to the point where only the submission table was stuck in April 14th. Then Chaos took over and modified the corrupted table, fixed the submisison titles and knocked out some other ruined data. I took that updated file this morning and popped into the current database. With that update we put in 79 private place holders. That is how many submissions were affected by this entire thing.

Right now, if you lost a sub it will be in your DRAFT - PRIVATE collection of your Citadel Profile. Look for subs that were submitted under 50 days ago as of this post.

I updated all the subs to be plots. Without a placeholder it was a mess and caused issues. It will take two updates to change the main category and sub categories but should work no problem.

If you have your own copy, you should be good to go. If not, Check Dossta's thread to see if we have it saved. If we do, you can grab the text from google docs.

What we have left
-Update the submission comment counts/votes etc. Basically the stats. Don't be surprised if many stats don't exactly match what is shown. All the data is there! We just need to write some scripts to recount and update it to the sub.

I just ran a script that collected all the comments and votes and update the submissions. So any comments and votes after April 14 should not reflect in the subs.

I also did a full recheck of sub counts and idea counts so all that should be  good.

So, in theory, that should be us at 100% of what we can do. Still have submissions to fix with the backup data, but that should be it.

As always, you are my best QA so please let me know if you see anything!!

Number of votes have been double-counted for all of my missing subs that I've since inputted but the avg score is okay.
Update: Somehow my Fengshui which I just released is fine. I've tried editing those I released yesterday but the double-counting issue is still there.

I will run a full recount of everything once I have time to do backups and recheck the rechecking and I fully trust the code.

If it isn't today, it won't be till next week. I don't want to rush it and I will be out of town this week. Sorry about the delay in these errors but, at this point, better safe than sorry!


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