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Salvaged Database Submissions


I will continue to make some of the bigger announcements here. Read the other threads in this forum for other details.

I went through the corrupted database and pulled out everything that was salvageable AFTER APRIL 14th. I was able to save quite a few.

If you had an in-work submission that you did work to since APRIL 14th, I may have a backup of it. So if you lost some changes, ask me and I will see what I have that is more current.

Too much for me to put all the saved ones into the database at the moment.

Aside: I could maybe use your expertise, Val and Chaos, on that one. Basically I have the dump of the corrupted database. There is a lot of good data in it. I have gone through and got all subs with an ID higher than the April 14th last sub and inputted them in the database. All the other ones prior to that might have updates and are going to need an update call. If you have an easy way to do pull those and update them that then I am all ears and think that would be the best. Insert was easy because it was setup for it. Updates requires more work and I need to get the submission thing working again.


I'm interested in It got hollowed out with the snafu.

If you can send me a copy of the corrupted database, I can look through it and see what might be salvageable with a script. Obviously nothing will be running without manual approval, but it can be generated easily enough automatically.

Autoincrement is good to go. Won't be any conflicts.


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