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The site had a hiccup today, but Strolen, val, and Chaosmark are working out the kinks. Everything should be ok again very soon! So if you're wondering why something is or isn't on the main page, don't worry, all will be well again!!!

Some subs will  need to be resubmitted though, anything after April 14th is in question. (see Main Page announcement).

Thank you!

(Feel free to vent below in the meantime)

LOL that sub I lost previously Muro, the Dark Mantle of D'Geen one... gone again. Its fate.

I just realised that every subs that I had submitted when I made my full come-back to the Citadel recently are now gone (basically the subs I wrote to get into my two Guilds plus any other random subs or subs for my world settings). Not a lot but still 6 of them. I'm de-leveling again  :lol:

Coming up with some kind of game plan from my haze.

Step 1 is I have to fix what I broke.

Also have to figure out how to change the next increment on the primary key so I don't overwrite any old IDs.

If you know the ID of the last submission, you can just update the autoincrement to be one more than that. Alternately, just toss it to the wind and bump it to 9001 to ensure it won't clash.


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