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The Map of Known Centerra


I hereby announce my intentions to join the Cartography guild.

The world of Centerra is a large one, and huge sections of it are only known in hastily described journals and waterstained notes. 

Attached to this declaration is the map of known Centerra.  I hereby vow to venture out into the unknown areas with the full intent of both mapping them and describing them.  Hopefully, it will one day be described in its entirety.

If any of the esteemed guildmembers of the cartographer's guild have any suggestions (or even a name picked at random from the map), will begin preparations to survey and catalogue that land post-haste.  Failing that, I'll behead a chicken and venture in whatever direction it first runs off in.

And here are the borders that each nation CLAIMS.

Light teal is reserved for independent city-states.

And yes, Noth does have colonies everywhere.


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