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"And so here you are; a loyal minion of the brotherhood. But you and I both know you are destined for more than this! Your rise through the ranks shall be swift! There are several ways to hasten your ascension, my loyal minion. There is an item of some significance that needs recovering. Or you could aid our brothers in the summoning of a powerful hellbeast. Ah, and there is always the other cabal of cultists who we are trying to convert; maybe you could convince them to join our ranks.

Whatever you choose, I would then like to see an example of your ingenuity. You must put to use the contribution you have made to further the brotherhood's goals.

Oh, Also, if you are interested I have an... extracurricular, activity for you."

Demonologist, core quest requirements

- create ONE of the following:
  • An Item submission relating to the Occult.
  • A Lifeform submission of a significant Demon.
  • A Society submission related to the Occult.

 - Create a plot which uses your previously created submission as a significant or central theme.

All submissions must obtain a 3.5 or greater average vote with 3 votes, or 3.0 or greater with 5 or more votes.
Demonologist, Optional quest

Disclaimer: When pledging to become a Demonologist, the pledge may request an attempt at the optional quest. The aspiring Demonologist must state whether or not he or she wishes to take on this quest when they first pledge. If they choose to take on the optional quest they get only one attempt at the quest. If they fail they can still advance, but do not recieve the bonus reward.

 - The guild leader will allocate two 'key words' and one 'key phrase' to anyone attempting the optional quest. These key words will be unique for anyone attempting the quest. The pledge must create a submission of any category which incoorperates all of these key words and pertains to the Occult.

 - To pass the optional quest, the submission must get at LEAST a 4 point average with 4 votes on it!

 - The optional quest cannot be used as one of your submissions for the main quest.

Example optional quest key words

Hound of the Swamp

So what can we make with these words?
A Lifeform? Perhaps a demonic dog which dwells in the swamp whose bite freezes it's victims. Only the sap of a certain flower is said to ward against it.
An Item? A rose made of never melting ice which is said to grow in the swamp. It's guarded by a pack of trained dogs. It's said that the rose is a key to summoning the fabled Rime-Demon.
A Society? The order of the wilted blightbloom flower is a cult which dwells deep within the Frigid, ice-covered northlands. They hope to one day summon a horrific demon; the Swamphound.

*Stubs and 100 word submissions will not count towards completion of these quests.


On completion of the core requirements you will become a Demonologist of the Brotherhood. You may use this new title in your signature and are granted an additional 2 stat points.

If you choose and successfully complete the bonus quest, you may add one extra point into mental stat of your choice (wis, int, cha)

In addition, you also gain the superior title reward and Badge reward in accordance to this thread: http://strolen.com/guild/index.php/topic,6368.0.html

If you have chosen to complete the optional quest, you may not advance until you have either passed or failed the quest.
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Re: The Occult Brotherhood, Quest 2: The Demonologist/Master Demonologist
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I hereby pledge myself to furthering myself within this guild. I shall seek, struggle, and strive towards becoming that most marvelous of things: being a demonologist. And not just any demonologist- an elite demonologist, for I also announce my intentions of performing the Level Two Bonus Quest.

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