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WFRP 2nd Edition Core Rulebook

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I'm getting desperate for a new copy of the 2nd Ed core rules.

The prices I see online are ridiculous. £100 seems to be the minimum.

A digital copy is of no use to me, and why you would pay $25 for one is beyond me.

I was hoping to pay something around the £30 mark. (inc. P&P).

Any ideas?


Softcover Color (Premium)$55.00

Check your local comic book shop.  Or just keep checking on ebay and bidding on stuff.  I've seen some used ones for less than $50. 

If none of that works, maybe just print out the PDF at a print shop and make a nice booklet out of it?

I second Forganthus' suggestion.  You can often get the PDF copy of an RPG supplement for cheap then spend a little extra to have it printed out and spiral bound.  It's not the same thing, but it may be the best you can get without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

I see how that might work. But I have no way of downloading that PDF. Unless the local printing/arts shop would do that for me?

And $55 is still quite a lot for that book. If there were a copy for around $40/£30 I'd bite.

There are no comic stores close to where I live.


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