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Guide to the Citadel / Forum Rules
« on: August 04, 2003, 06:06:23 PM »
1.  Please introduce yourself here. There are no rules on what to say or how to say. A simple "Hi" will suffice to let us know you exist beyone a username.

For a useful "Intro Post" it is nice to know a few things.
How long you have been gaming and if you DM?
What kind of RP games have you played...any favorites?
Perhaps tell us how you found the place?
If English is not your first language, that is handy for us to know.

2.  Always fun and interesting to join the thread in the Citadel Tavern and post under "Know your true job" Fun link to a little quiz to tell you what kind of job you would have back in medieval times. Let us know what you scored.

3.  If you are not ready to jump into one of the topics in the main forum (although don't be shy because we want to hear your thoughts and ideas) then join one of the forums under the "Extraneous Voices of Picayune" title. None of these posts count towards your total post count since they are just for talking about whatever you want so feel free to abuse that priviledge and post whatever you like.

4.  Freeform roleplaying is always fun. Take a quick look at the rules once you are there and start your own thread or start your own. Great bunch of roleplayers in there that will be happy to help the beginner or keep up with the advanced.

5.  Chatspeak and lack of punctuation and capitalization is frowned upon. It is just darn annoying that people are so lazy that they have to abbreviate things. It really doesn't take that much effort or time to press the shift key when a new sentence is started. You will probably hear about it if you don't.

6.  Simply explore. As long as you are here we are happy!

Yes, there are getting to be a lot of forums, but don't let them overwhelm you.

The Idea Guild is the main idea forums of the place and where the most sharing of thoughts and ideas happens. You could spend you entire time in these few forums and be quite happy.

Settings are each a different world creation by our members. They use this area to put up their ideas and ask for feedback on setting and worlds they are developing. If creating worlds is your thing then this is a great place to see how others are doing things.

Roleplaying is just a small section by popular demand to do a little freeform (or whatever) roleplaying.

Citadel Guildmembers is the information center for the site. Bug reports announcements site discussions all can be done in one of these forums. Generally you can safely ignore these ;)

Extraneous Voices of Picayune gives a place for idle chit-chat. While we enjoy creativeness much more there needs to be a place to be silly or make non-rpg comments and this is the place for it. We still try and keep it limited but if it has to happen....

So there are a lot of forums but each one has grown out of purpose and as you start to explore and read I hope you see the logic of it all.

Now on to some of our member's comments on the site.:


To everybody I quoted, if you want to reply to this thread with a copy of what I quoted (or an addition, or whatever) feel free to do so and I will take it out of my post and let you real post stand on its own.

Searching for more helpful posts to be reposted here for the benefit of our very new visitors.


Quote from: Ancient Gamer
You have just entered "Strolen's Citadel".

This is a resource site for those of us who have the awesome hobby called roleplaying.

This hobby usually takes place at weekends, when a small gathering of people come to one of the players residence to partake of a evening of fun and imaginary adventures. The players and their "guide/storyteller" (often called GM/Gamemaster or DM/Dungeonmaster) collaborate to create a story, where the GM has all the background information and the players play different roles.

In the beginning this differs little (well, more than a little, but not that much) from boardgames like RISK or Monopoly, as the players view their characters as little else than bricks in a game, but after a while the game may take on theatrical dimensions (the players dedicate themselves to actually playing a role as opposed to living out their "munchkin" wet dreams and the GM try to create ever more amazing and cinematic game worlds) .

So if you are interested in the latter, this is definitely the site for you. Munchkinism (bad roleplaying focusing on "powergaming" (Diablo style levelling and magic item focus) is generally frowned upon here).

Please note that Computer Roleplaying games such as Diablo, Baldur's Gate, Final Fantasy, etc... are the computer equivalents of roleplaying. (Important criterias for landing a job in that industry (CRPG production) often involves having a thorough roleplaying experience. Indeed the Game Company behind Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights boast that most of their GMs have between 10-20 years experience, some even more.

This site features everything from novice roleplayers to such venerable GMs as MoonHunter (who would easily top the brag list of the formerly mentioned computer game company).

Welcome to Strolen's my friend.

Strolenite survival guide:
-Remember capitalization
-Remember proper grammar in general
-Remember not to lose your temper
-Remember to make an effort when you create a post. If you create some item or character that takes less than 15-45 minutes of work, you should probably not submit it at all.

Quote from: Adel
Hello Doza I am Adel and you are currently in greetings this is were everyone comes to say hello! So HI! :D  Freeform roleplaying is the gaming section, If you want to join a role play game or start one of your own I suggest that you read over a few exsisting RP's(role plays) to get the gist of things. If you want to join an Rp that has been going on for a while I suggest that you PM ( private message at the bottom of your screen) the GM (game master) first and get permission and see how you should enter the game. However, this site is primarily an Idea guild  so if you have any Idea's or forming Ideas it would probably suit you best to post those in Flesh it out or Idea scroll. For any crazy talk head over to Inane natter! You will get the hang of it it is nice to meet you once again!!!! Hope you enjoy your stay!

Quote from: CaptainPenguin
Let me clear up a (somewhat) common misconception.
Strolen's Citadel, on it's own, is not a game, per se. It is more of a facilitator for games. People who attend this site are GMs or players of RPGs in real life, and we use this site for ideas for our games and game worlds, and to game online with others.
The purpose of Strolen's Citadel is to be a site for the inspiration and discussion among GMs, as well as players, if they so wish.

Quote from: Nobody
::Nobody appears, not quite existing, but not quite not existing either::

No, im pretty sure that only the D&D board game counts as D&D. Not even the D&D vidio game would qualify. Specifically, this place is for the designers and builders of worlds. There is a freeform roleplaying section, and a moderated roleplaying section, and those are more for players, but aside from those, this entire site is for the creators and builders and conjurers.

 For that exact reason, Neverwinter Nights (unless i am thinking of something else) is not considered relevant. You do not design or create the world. You only control your character.

If you have some video game where you create the world however, then this will be more up your alley.

Its an idea Guild. Now that isn't to say that only world builders can come here. There are plenty of ideas for those who only play characters, such as new races, interesting personality traits, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But again, Video games usually do not give you the freedom to use most of the ideas in here.

I hope i am not overextending myself in saying this. If i have said anything wrong, then please correct me anybody.

Oh yes, and of course: Hi. Welcome to Strolen's Citadel.

Quote from: Nobody
Well ___________, if you wish to test your stuff, then you have come to the right place. Do not confuse this place for another generic role-playing site. This site is much much more.

While it is true that there is a roleplaying section where you may partake in an adventure at your desire, specifically the Free-Form and Moderated Role-Playing sections of this site, that is only the smallest step towards fullfilling your complete potential.

The Greetings Traveler section shal test your ability to be hearty, warm, and welcoming to those with less experience than yourself, as well as your ability to relax and be less serious than you absolutley must be.

The Role-playing sections will test you in your ability to describe a scene and its events in a fluid picture without the folley of a lack of reasonable cause and effect. Furthermore, it shall test your maturity in understanding that role-playing is rarely about "Winning" but instead about the story and dinamics within.

The Character, Plot, Item, and Idea Submissions will test your ability to take the already established ideas, and take them into new and dinamic directions, never previously thought of before.

The Flesh It Out section shall test not only your ability to take criticism in a positive and constructive manner, but to build upon fragments of an Idea in order to fill them out into a full, and complete concept worthy of any DM.

If you manage to master all of these you might try your hand at the settings forge, where you face the daunting, but far more exhilerating task of combining all of your knowledge into a complete setting.

And, when you have strained your abilities to the utmost, you may check out all of the other sections offered by Strolen's Citadel.


Now that I have ranted for long enough, don't take all of that too seriously. The worst thing you can do is get scared off by long rants like that. Come on in, take a look around, try what you like and abstain from what you dislike. No pressure.

We are all friendly people here and would love to have you, but for the record, Strolen's Citadel is primarily an Idea Guild designed to inspire those who wish to create campaignes, settings, characters, or anything in between, however we do have a roleplaying section which I invite you to join. A lot of people here started out in the Free-form Role-playing section, including some of the most experienced here.

So Welcome to Strolen's Citadel.

Quote from: Ancient Gamer
Welcome to the Citadel! I am the ancient gamer, stepper of toes, creator of submissions. Well, not as many as MoonHunter, but I do write once in a while. I used to be a fixture here, but nowadays I am less ever-present.

Do check the place out! I can promise you these things: Great ideas to peruse at your leisure, great egos/friends to get to know , great feedback to your posts and... honest opionions. The honesty has gotten us in trouble in the past... You get to see small incidents every now and then, as people dislike having their pet ideas stomped upon, but that is kind of what we do here. We tell people what we think. It can be hard at times, but if you weather the storm, I am sure you will do alright! It always stings when we get bad feedback, but look at it like this: It stings for all of us and even our best writers get a blooded nose every now and then (except Iain, but he doesn't count.)


Everything is sort of topic orientated and the site is basically designed about idea generation and sharing. So look around and see if something jumps out at you, if any topic anywhere peaks your curiousity feel free to ask a question or add an opinion on it.

There is always the main site (click on the citadel picture) which you can look through and add opinions to as well, anonymously or as yourself. Tried to make everything idea inspiring so if you get a flash of inspiration, don't keep it to yourself, we love to hear everything.

Why Posts should be done in Standard English

This is a comment I made in response to an item response from a member of the Barbarian Horde.

The posts here are held to proper English standards for three reasons.

1) This is a world wide site, so the English needs to be standard English so people who have English as a second or third language can understand the post. (So sure the natives can understand it, but someone from Austria might have a problem.) We are not asking for nor expecting perfect English, but we are asking for you to strive towards that as a goal.

2) Our non native speakers are typing in standard English, why can't you or the person who posts? Note: Even the posts in different languages here tend to be proper or standard in their diction and idioms.

3) Unlike most sites which come and go within a year or three (when their owner loses their url or free hosting), this site endures. That means every post is a legacy to future gamers. That is why every posts needs to at least be of a quality of expression equal to that responsibility.

There are a couple of discussions about English (or proper language use) on Strolen's. Check out the Tavern's back pages.
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Guide to the Citadel / Forum Rules
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2003, 06:10:48 PM »
Forum Rules Generally in order of importance.

  • Keeping threads on topic
    The contents (i.e. the individual posts) of any thread should always be relevant to its title. For example a thread called "Inventing Languages" should not include a discussion about someone's hair color, whether another user is an idiot, the weather, etc! Please keep every thread relevant to its title.

  • Users 'fighting' (aka flaming) in threads
    Users should not use the forum to settle petty disputes amongst each other. The purpose of this forum is for people who enjoy roleplaying, fantasy adventures, etc. to chat and help each other - it's not a virtual boxing ring or a school yard. The site's terms of use make it clear that abusive behavior is not welcomed or allowed on this site. If you want to have a 1-to-1 chat or heated argument then find another place to do it - or better still take a breath and relax, life is too short!

  • Topic Titles Be descriptive!
    Don't just post a title called "Help" or "Very funny" - it's annoying for everyone and no-one likes an attention seeker. Give users an idea of what your post is about. If someone wants to read your post they will, so please don't try and trick them in to reading it.

  • Chatspeak and H4x0r $p34k
    We prefer full sentences and use of Emoticons to Chatspeak. For instance instead of using LOL use  :lol: etc. but the accidental usage of Chatspeak should not be flamed.
    1 4M 4N 37337 w1nd0z3 h4x0r wH0 h4$ 0Wn3d y0uR w3b p4g3.
    Don't want to see it. Do real hackers really type like that? I don't think so, I think those would probably be referred to script kiddies.

  • Swearing and 'Masked' Swearing
    The majority of swear words are not allowed on Strolen's Citadel. If you do accidentally swear then the forum software has an auto-censor which should replace your swearing with a number of *'s. Please respect the auto-censor and do not attempt to bypass it by inserting spaces or any other characters in to your swear words.

  • Respect the minimum character limit
    Each post you make on the forum should be at least 15 characters long. This is a forum NOT a chat room. All the posts you make in topic oriented threads of Strolen's Citadel should contribute something of value.

  • No Commercial Advertising
    No commercial advertising whatsoever. End of story. If you have a nonprofit webpage appropriate for us then feel free to let us know about it. Don't abuse this privilege though. There is a link thread that is appropriate for straight advertising with a description of your site. I don't expect threads popping up advertising your own site. Think about what you are doing and ask yourself, "Would you want somebody doing that on your site?"

  • Signatures
    Please keep your signature to a suitable length and keep in mind the advertising rules. You may absolutely link to your personal site in your signature. Your signature may be edited or deleted at our discretion if it is deemed inappropriate. No graphics in signatures please. We don't want to turn into one of those forums where signatures dominate the thread. It is annoying and a waste of bandwidth better spent on text.

  • Respect the administrators and moderators decision.
    Moderating a forum can be hard work, and to make things easier and better for everyone else, we would greatly appreciate it if you do your best to make these forums a pleasant place. If a thread gets locked, or a post gets deleted or some other thing happens, please do not go and make another post or thread about it, as that is not wanted and will be promptly locked or deleted. If you have a problem, send a personal message to an administrator or moderator.

  • We reserve the right to amend these rules without warning and at our discretion.

It is up to you as a forum member to keep up to date with these rules.

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This post refers to the stats in the forum.
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2004, 04:34:48 AM »
Strolen's Citadel is going back to the basics. The reason this site exists is for the main pages, the sharing of ideas. The forum is a bonus and turned out to be another way for people to trade thoughts and help each other with submissions. Another after thought was allowing some freeform roleplaying to just have fun and maybe try out an idea or two as well.

And the people smiled.

So, why the stats change? Here is one smaller discussion on it with other thoughts but the main reason is because I want everything to go back and aim at the reason for the site: idea interchange. Everything important should be geared towards that and so now the stats reflect that. The stats themselves are still in flux but I think the principle of them will remain the same.

So here are what the stats mean once they are expanded...(at the moment. I will edit this file if the stats change)

User Stats

Site Rank

Posts: Currently posts are only counted in the following forums.
Idea Guild
General (only Greetings Traveler)

Avg chars: Takes last seven(7) days of posts and gives you the average amount of characters in your post.

Joined, Status, Location: Self explanatory:

Level: Your level as determined by the amount of counted posts.

Quality: This uses amount of posts (anywhere on forum, not restricted to the above) that you have posted in the last seven(7) days. The first number is how many posts met a minimum character count requirement. The second number is the totaly posts. So if I have 45 / 77, then 45 of my posts met the character requirement to be counted.

This will show at a glance if you have a low quality score that perhaps many of the posts were short and probably didn't hold a lot of information. Some posts are short, and that is fine, but a extraordinarily low quality score shows that there is not much content in the posts.

EXP A counter for "Level" so you know where you stand in your current level.

Plots, Items, Characters, Settings They all work the same.
The title itself "Plots" is linked so that if you click any of the titles then you will be taken to the main Citadel where you will be able to view all the submissions of that type for only that person.

The number is how many of that type you have submitted.
The percentage is the overall rating for all the submissions translaged to a percentagy. So if you had 2 items and they were both rated a 5 then you would have 100%. There are only a few of those, I, for one, am hovering around the 70% mark which is fine. Use it as some motivation to create some awesome stuff and boost your ratings.

Ideas Does not have a rating systems, but it is still linked.

Comments How many comments you have posted on the main pages under all the different submission types. Just another way to see how involved you are with the main site.

Hope this helps some understand the stat thing. They are suppose to be fun, but I want them meaningful to so the experiment will continue. Thanks.

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