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Spam deleted

Hmm... I believe this is spam. This is a site for gamers (as in RPG games with dice rolling), not basketball or other sports.


Honestly, I don't know why bots get so much hate.   The next time you need gibberish that *almost* makes sense, I recommend this one.  Works for blasphemous texts, madmen.

But there's also an ad buried in there, too.  Maybe in the future, you can earn money by allowing yourself to be possessed by the genius loci of Taco Bell.  And then it just spews ads out of your mouth during all the times you aren't using it.  I love that idea.

Or a mad AI!

"BB9, bring up the current scout results."
"I'm sorry, Coach.  I can't do that."
"BB9!  Bring up the scout results."
"These kinds of us, Coach, use serial numbers on our products."
"BB9, are you malfunctioning?"
"You need to indicate college basketball mentors you are significantly devoted to the adventure!"

The two men in black suits turned to each other.  Their faces were white.

"Someone get the president on the line!  Tell him that our ICBM handler thinks that its managing a high school basketball team!"

Can you put this somewhere else so I can remove the spam?


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