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[Wilderlands] Chapter One: Hunters and the Hunted

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Therdamin caught his staff with satisfaction, and surveyed the field.  It seemed there were few serious injuries apart from the guard, and of course the rogue.

"Can someone bind this filth?  I will attend to the guard."   

Therdamin did not wait any longer, but strode over to the fallen guard and spoke a quick benediction to Thoth.    Bless converted to CLW  (11:38:18) Minion: valadaar rolls 1d8 and gets 4.  So, +5 hp to the mercenary

In the typical after-battle hubbub of healing, Peregrina scanned the perimeter for enemies once again. Though the dwarf was dead, the dwarf's pets were felled, and the rogue beaten, there was always the slight chance of another ambush. Still, as the forces in the alley were still somewhat strong, there was little chance of further aggression. If there was going to be, it would have occurred when the bone thing still walked the earth.

When Therdamin called for someone to bind the rogue, Peregrina searched her bag for rope. Strange, she normal carried a coil or two of the stuff.

"I'll bind the rogue if someone's got some rope I could use," she said.

Siren no Orakio:
Septimus was glad enough to let magic take the place of cloth. He had a certain respect for the guardsman - really, the only difference between them was that the fallen guard's contract was longer term than his own.

 Straightening up from the following man, he spent a moment but a brief moment digging through his pack, before flipping a tightly wrapped coil of silken rope towards Peregrina. "Here. If his master has any brains, he'll know little, but perhaps worth it anyway." With some care, and a little wincing, the man settled his pack back against his shoulders, before straightening up, and looking curiously towards his employer, waiting for orders. 


Her curiosity was piqued, but someone had to keep an eye out for a follow-up ambush, and who better for such a task than Ren? Scampering up a convenient wall, the jungle hunter took up overwatch while the rest of the party handled their captive. She had ears and well as nose and eyes: the latter pair would do fine for guard duty whilst the former was attending any forthcoming information from their employer.

Catching Septimus's rope, Peregrina wandered over to the rogue. She eyed the demonspawn for a moment, and then started tying him up as best she could.

Tie Rope Check (or whatever its called) (15:46:42) Minion: caesar193 rolls 1d20 and gets 14.

She eyed her work critically for a moment, and then called out to the dwarven priest "He's ready for a heal, Therdamin."


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