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Roping them in!

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Thanks for the tips so far guys, I really appreciate them :)

Unfortunately I can't listen to or watch the podcasts where I am, could you run up a brief summary of them for me please Dossta?

I'm very lax on rules and character creation for now, because it's new to them and as you say, too much can scare them off.

Their current (and 1st) characters are pretty much, as Forganthus said, avatars of themselves, albeit much more able and badass :P  I did try to, in small steps, draw them away from that but it seems to be something they always slip back into. Are there any good ways, that aren't too forceful, of preventing this from occuring too often?

Heh, complicated characters sheets did not scare me. 

But then again, I like rolemaster so I guess that says something :)

If you're comfortable enough, you could always try Risus. Rules don't get much simpler than that.


--- Quote from: Forganthus on June 06, 2013, 02:46:44 AM ---*(A lot of experienced players don't mind playing an asthmatic dwarf or a warlock without a nose.  This trait is rarer in newer players, because their characters are oftentimes their literal avatars, which is why they want them to be cool and badass.)

--- End quote ---

Hmm, I wonder if I'm guilty of that... Or maybe everything I touch turns into awesome... A question for the great philosophers to ponder.


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