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Is it possible to change fonts?

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I'm guessing someone must have asked this question before, but I couldn't find any other thread. Is it possible? Could it be arranged with permission maybe?

Not really.

I can only assume you want serif fonts instead?

I have gone back and forth but serif is generally harder to read online. (It is supposed to be better for print though.) With high resolutions it is not such and issue but when you get on smaller screens the serif's can get difficult. So going to stick with what we have.

"Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

Uh, I don't know anything about the whole sans serif, serif stuff... But when I typed up a sub on my Open Office document, I used Papyrus for a piece. And it just looks way better than the normal stuff, for this particular piece, because I mixed in some capital letters in the text to make a secret code. Without it, it just looks messy.

But it's not possible? ...Mkay... :/ Might have to rethink that piece then.

Not trying to diss the idea, but I'm actually glad that the Citadel uses a standardized font for all its content.  Ideas should be able to stand on their own, without a lot of distracting embellishment.  The only exception to this might be adding *one* "handwriting" font to use in letter snippets and the like.

Now that I understand what you mean, that idea wouldn't work anyway unless it was a graphic. The reason you use a series of fonts like I listed is because the computer you are browsing on has to have the font installed locally. So you can only use universally available fonts on any webpage. So windows, mac and linux (not to mention all the tablets) have to have that font loaded for it to work. If you did it, you might still be the only person to see it how you intend.

The exception (again) is the title and author names. Those I actually load on purpose through the code so that everybody has them. Not sure forcing the extra download is totally worth it, but I like it.


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