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OC Remix


I'm torn between tossing this into the Links subforum, the Cavern, or Tomes and Illusions. For now, since it's mostly just a link, I'll toss it here. If a moderator thinks it's better suited for somewhere else, have at it.

OC Remix

Their goal? Excellent musical re-arrangements of video game tunes. Everything is available for free, and while I tend to just listen for the enjoyment of amazing remixes of already-good songs, there's been more than one song that I've listened to and thought, "Man, this would be excellent in a background music playlist." So, if you're lacking in music that can sit in the background of your game sessions and add atmosphere without cutting through with lyrics, take a gander here. (Not to say that some songs don't have lyrics, but they're few and far between.)


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