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general random thread for Weavers and idle passerbys


Just thought I would let all Weavers (and any idle passerby who happens to look at this) know that among the recent updates at the Citadel, Strolen has resurrected a function from v.2 whereby you can fill out a blank Author Homepage (this is the new link that has appeared at the top with the Quests, Top Subs etc., not sure if anyone noticed) with whatever content you choose in your Author Profile. Just thought this would be a good place to shout out to each other (as well as anyone else that come by) eg. in my own Author Homepage I detail my Planned Activity for the Month as well as future plans(subs), upcoming collabs. and subs I need help with. In particular, in my future plans section, I have a bunch of subs that I label as In the Nebulous that are just idea seeds at the moment but eventually I might need other pairs of eyes on them after I've written up sth and there's one there in particular- the Everwinter Realm, that I'm thinking I might ask for a collab. in the future.


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