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Suggestions for Future Quest requirements


Just my random thoughts on what can form part of the requirements for future Quests based on my own preferences/fetishes:
- helping to complete an incomplete 30/101s, taking up challenges (except 100 word) [see my favourite list Scroll Additions and Val's Lists You Simply Must Contribute to for starter subs and also the BH Appease Challenge in the Forum]
- collaboration b/w Weavers which can work in a number of ways:
1. write a sub that links to previous sub by a Weaver other than yourself
2. write a collab sub with another Weaver (and include non-Weavers if you want)
3. help in expanding a stub (or 100 word sub) by a Weaver other than yourself into a full grown sub

After reading the Occult brotherhood requirements I also had an idea about the further development of the guild. What if ranks above Journeyman allowed a Weaver to specialize in a certain area? This area may be defined as several types of submissions that the specific member works mostly with.

For example, you can specialize in the area of knowledge between dwarves and necromancy, or items and the locations that they are found in. Obviously the types of subs that you can work on can either belong to the area of one or more of the other guilds, or the more general types of subs - items, locations, societies, NPCs, etc. (or not so general - constructed lifeforms, ruins, merchant societies)

The selected area of interest will be approved by the whole guild (or the GM) and a specific title will be selected to signify the area (Explorer of Demonic Lairs; Historian of the Divine; etc.). The amount of work done on this area (in the way of subs, idea scrolls or levels in the respective other guilds) will facilitate the member's advancement. A member can choose only one area of research, and if they change their mind they will start from the beginning (or maybe won't be able to change their mind at all, to make it more interesting). Only after achieving the highest title in their selected area, can the member select another (without loosing the first)

This system will not be governed by quests, but simply by the amount of work the member has done so far. We can choose a few nice prime numbers to separate the ranks in this system, like 13, 29, 47, leading to the following example:

Member decides to explore the activities of social groups that use dungeons as their base, or are connected to one.
At 0 subs: Collector of Maze-dwellers
At 13 subs: Scholar of Maze-dwellers
At 29 subs: Master of Maze-dwellers
At 47 subs: Magister of Maze-dwellers

Choosing an intersection of more than two sub types can be rewarded with something else, like a point of Dexterity for every level of the titles achieved, while selecting more focused types of subs (constructed lifeforms in mountain dungeons) to work on can reward points in Intelligence (if the subs get high scores).

Progress in the chosen area can be tracked through the personal author page where each member can collect the links to the subs that qualify for the area.

Actually, I had a similar specialisation idea for a new Guild that I had played around in my head with- the Scholars' Guild. But then I didn't go ahead with it b/c I already have too much commitments (2 World settings and 2 Guilds already). So I second this idea.

One more random idea: how abt side-quests? These can be issued by any Weaver (or if we want, make it only Weavers of Level x within the Guild) and its nature is obviously designed by whoever issues it but any side-quest has to be endorsed by the Guild Leader.
Rewards after completion can be:
- bonus stat points on certain attributes (tied to nature of side quest)
- some kind of additional title granted and is known for among Weavers
- other stuff though I wouldn't suggest more graphics b/c for Dossta and me with 2+guilds, it would look too messy, I think.

Another stray thought:
how about an easier version of 5in1 like Level 2 of the Strolenati Quest? However, I would change it so that it's EITHER a normal 5in1 OR (x number of subs that collectively link to 5 subs AND have to be interrelated).


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