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Graphics in Summary


I, too, thought that having the guild and challenge graphics in your summary view was a good idea. However, you may not have noticed it in some places, but that can cause issues with other parts. Specifically the hover information on certain pages.

So I put together a little helper file to do it for you and make it more uniform throughout the site.

I removed quite a few graphics from the summary but there are still some floating around. Either let me know, or if it is yours, please edit out the graphic.

Awesome idea!

If there are other kinds of subs you think are worthy of a graphic (30s come to mind obviously) let me know and I can hook that up.

Here is one,

I kind of like its placement over the content though, so if there were some way to get this to work...

I like that one too! Not really a way to make it work though. :( I tried to move it but it just didn't have the same effect. It is at the bottom of the sub now.


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