Author Topic: I Demand a Recount (Sub Recount just happened)  (Read 3900 times)

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I Demand a Recount (Sub Recount just happened)
« on: June 02, 2013, 01:05:09 PM »
I had to make some changes that
a) Made perfect sense to me
b) Were absolutely necessary to maintain my sanity

Sub Counting Change
Stubs no longer count towards anything, they just are. Only thing that has changed with them is that they 1) Don't count in your sub count for leveling 2) Don't appear on the frontpage anymore

The only thing that will count towards your level is a normal submission.
Here are all the different kinds we have

 * 0 = Deleted
 * 1 = Normal Submission
 * 2 = In Work Hidden- only author has access in work hidden
 * 3 = Flagged or Challenged
 * 4 = Requires Edit
 * 5 = In Work Request - "help me" Viewable in profile and through link in right column
 * 6 = Awaiting Approval
 * 7 = In Work Public - doesn't show up anywhere except user's profile.
 * 8 = Wiki style sub - anybody can edit (NOT USED, WIKI IS A "NORMAL SUB" and has a WIKI FLAG)
 * 9 = Stub - no voting / no HoH / no listing. Only shows up in author's profile and through linking.

As you can see, when it comes to counting, there is only 1 submission that counts towards your leveling stats now. Only one that makes sense.

And, of course, collab subs you are part of that are in normal status as well. So any sub you are a co-author of that is in normal status will count!

Go check your profile now and see how it looks: http://strolen.com/author

I am not sure how many people were depending on Stubs for your levels, but you may find yourself short a couple.

A quick justification about the stubs and me removing it.
I did this on my own. I didn't really talk to anybody about it. It was a natural progression from removing them off the front page to me.
A stub is a stub. There is no real requirement for it. It can be a small blurb, some random information, or other natter that obviously doesn't have enough information to be worthy of a submission. So if there isn't enough information worthy to be a submission, then why would it count to your sub count? On top of that, it is hard to comment on them so they don't provide much interaction for the site. On top of the on top of that, you can't vote on them. So you can submit an 8 word sentence, call it a stub and gain the submission count without any risk of bad votes and negative XP. (That has never happened, but it could)

So because the value of stubs is debatable, at the very least, I am taking them out of the equation. Use them all you want though. If you like stubs and what they do, this shouldn't change anything for you.

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Re: I Demand a Recount (Sub Recount just happened)
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2013, 07:27:19 PM »
As far as I know, only a few ppl really (meaning ever) use stubs (to my knowledge, the list only includes Moon Hunter, me and Pieh). As far as I know, MH uses stubs like how he explains it (short pieces of info. that can be connected to whatever subs you want to connect them to) whereas me and Pieh often use stubs for abandoned ideas (i.e. they are fairly short containing a somewhat complete idea but we are somehow out of love/out of creative juice for them and just didn't want them to be voted on. Personally at one stage, stubs were sth I used as a tool to sort contents into the right structure cos I always have these inter-related ideas that spawn off one another and I don't want to write one massive sub so I use stubs to move bits and pieces of info around to see how a sub flows).

Anyway, after this long ramble, I just want to say I'm fine with this decision. Sometimes, I do think comments on stubs would be nice (I once saw a stub of Pieh's on his Concave World that I thought was interesting and deserved to be looked at but I personally also agree that it should be left as a Stub so I went on w/o leaving a comment) but if you have a stub that's all there by itself (no links to normal subs) and you can't develop it further and don't want to, then yeah, I don't see much value in it being displayed on front page.

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Re: I Demand a Recount (Sub Recount just happened)
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2013, 12:48:17 AM »
With respect to stubs, I also use them, for pretty much exactly what Moonhunter does. They're small bits of idea that, while related to other subs, really don't stand alone. Most of mine, however, really wouldn't fit into a scroll entry or idea entry. So I think stubs are useful of themselves.
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