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mix-match animal parts needed


This is a re-post so that more ppl can see this:
Despite how ominous the title of this thread is, I'm really writing a relatively harmless sub for my Dragon Empire setting. In particular, I'm writing up a mythical creation tale abt the Dragon (this is Chinese Dragon as opposed to normal fantasy Dragon) and its Nine Off-springs. The basic gist of this sub is that the Dragon is one of the First (i.e. part of the first creations by a pantheon) and somehow its death has resulted in its essence being scattered into exactly 9 parts. Then somehow, these broken-up essences have bonded with exising life-forms to form Kaijus (as in huge Gozilla-style monsters), known as the 9 Off-springs. I've already got 6 of them but I need ideas for 3 more (and more details to fill out some of the 6 as well). In particular, I was hoping that someone will throw me mix-match body parts of different animals (as that's the basis of my 9 Off-springs).

The current 6 I've got are:
1. typical Chinese dragon- Serpentine body, two frontal appendages ending in claws, with horns of deer but can fly 
2. Upright beast (bearlike) [need fillers]
3. Tiger-like beast, with a saw-teeth tail [more fillers welcome]
4. Eel-like but with a long pointed horn curving downwards sticking out of her forehead
5. Giant rabbit with horse legs and ears being more membranous as opposed to flesh
6. Water serpent [need fillers]

You can't go wrong with the old Duck-Billed Platypus :D Hmm... Platypus head, that morphs seamlessly into a goat body with a long, serpentine tail?

Anyway, my question is that if the parts came from a Dragon, should not the offshoots have some Dragon parts? You don't seem to follow that, so I'll assume the answers no. If yes, I'll give the below a rethink.

Anyway, here's a quick list:
-Komodo Dragon, but instead of four legs, you get a bunch of centipede legs.
-Frog with mermaid tail
-A horned rat. The horns have poison.

The Platpus creature sounds sweet, so I will incorporate it as it is as one of the Nine, thanks  :up:

In this setting the Dragon is some creature that existed long ago that nobody is sure what it exactly looks like except that the Nine Off-springs each take a defining physical trait from it.

I will think abt the others some more but anyway, that's one down and 2 (or 1- gotten a suggestion from Dossta but thinking over it now) more to go, yay!


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