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While the party travels toward the citadel, Therdamin's dwarven vision spots something the others miss:  Ambushers hidden in a shadowed alley!  One is preparing to hurl a small object toward the party, while the second opens a large wooden box.

(I rolled Perception checks for the party and Therdamin was the only decent one...)

Roll Initiatives!  Val, let us know what Therdamin is doing in the surprise round.

Imagined dwarven war cry. Turn my warhorse towards the enemy and charge..

Well, as soon as the horse is pointed the right way, spur/slap it into a charge or panicked stampede, and abandon horse.

Ill post more later - prime time at home right now, but my intention is to disrupt the missle attack with the horse, and not Therdamin himself.

Initiative: (10:38:26) Minion: Shadoweagle rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

Caesar193, the doctor would have urged Peregrina to remain so that they could finish planning while in the inn, then travel together.  If Peregrina would have agreed to this, you can “retcon” your decision to head for the Citadel before the rest.  This would place Peregrina into the current fight.

If you'd rather have traveled alone, that's OK as well.

Initiative Results:

Surprise Round:


Following Round:

Guards 1 and 2
(Peregrina, if present)
Guards 3 and 4
Doctor Dreimond

If someone goes before an ally has gone, no harm done...


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