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If your OK with a (1...2...3...) fourth party member, count the caesars in!

I, too, have some ideas for my character, but I'd like you to do all the actual work for it. I'll discuss my character through PM. If I'm allowed in.

I'll take slot number five, if such a position is available.

Our party so far:

1.) (Gossamer) - A canny, elven-blooded rogue originally hailing from Viridistan, the decadent City-State of the World Emperor.  She (he?) is rumored to have fled the city, hiding from sinister forces within Viridistan's ancient walls.

2.) (Shadoweagle) Exeta Fynn - This mysterious, masked alchemist has made something of a name for himself in the region, overcoming a murderous band of brigands and saving a village from poison placed in its wells.

3.) (Valadaar)

4.) (Caesar193)

5.) (Chaosmark)

I suspect that our game will open near the eastern coast of Barbarian Altanis, a peninsular realm of jungle-hidden ruins beyond the dominion of the major city-states.  Independent villages and wandering Altanian tribes each claim portions of this tropical land, but even the most powerful of local rulers would be lucky to claim a realm thirty leagues in breadth. 

Some say that the land's thousand squabbling gods have decreed this patchwork of petty princedoms and nearly powerless god-kings.  They declare that the gods will never again allow empires such as those of the ancient Orichalian Dragon Emperors, who united the lands under their rule milennia ago.  Still, the superstitious tribesmen slay any who wear the signs of Orichalian ancestry, lest their subtle magics restore the serpent-folk priests' lost power. 

Do we have restrictions on available classes?

No gunslingers, as gunpowder has not been discovered in the Wilderlands.  No ninja, samurai, or other purely oriental themes.  Monks are associated with odd cults.  Psionics are restricted to particular groups (and not recommended).


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