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Someone asked about elves in the area...

Elves in the Targnol Port Region
While elves and the elven-blooded aren’t uncommon in Targnol, they are seldom considered “locals”.  At one time, the Thistledown Forest held a powerful court of the sylvan elves, but these folk were annihilated centuries ago in a conflict with the forces of Viridistan.  Since that date, most sylvan elves have avoided the region, believing it powerfully accursed. 

Elves still found in the area tend to come from two separate elvish cultures:  Altani Elves and Feral Elves.  Often interbred with the primitive tribesmen of the Altanian Peninsula, the Altani typically have ruddy skin and tawny hair.  These elves generally hold the “decadence” of imperial culture in contempt, eschewing human-made items and maintaining their own mysterious philosophies and religions. 

Feral Elves dwell in the hidden depths of forests and jungles.  These sinister headhunters are notorious for their murderous vendettas and cannibalism.  They seldom indulge these dark behaviors while traveling in civilized lands, but many folk would sooner wrestle a half-giant or anger a goblin-blooded swerting than court the wrath of these bloodthirsty fae-kin.

So Verity grew up in a city that must have despised elves then....Ohohoho, Juicy!  8)

May I just suggest that if a player doesn't respond to a required post within say...5 Days or so, then the DM gets to adjudicate how that player's character will act. With the exception that a majority of the players are on vacation or something like that.

Just to avoid bottlenecks. What say you? (Silence also counts as consent).

I'm good with this.


Also, I think Wulf mistook Exeta for Verity in his post, unless I missed something :p


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