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Wetting the feet


This is my thread for tracking progress within the Brotherhood!

Shadoweagle's Progress on The Occult Brotherhood:

1: Create an NPC Lazarus Lightward
2: Create a Location Skezemo's Library
3: Create a Lesser Demon FlickerWikk
4: Find, comment and vote on 2 Demonic subs
 - The Stitcher's Amulet
 - Demons Herd!
5: Create an occultish idea for the Idea Scrolls Complete!

Lesser Demon and NPC are now created. The location is to come next!

And with one more vote to the library, I am done!!

It is done! The rites are complete, and Lazarus Lightward has taken his first step into corruption, emerging as a minion of the Occult Brotherhood!

An icon is coming forthwith by Strolen, but with the 'incident', it has been understandably delayed!


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