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Elbin's dedication - A journey into history

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With the permission of the Guild Master I will continue my studies with the second quest of the guild.

1. A submission linking to two random subs.
Sigh Inc. - (Votes: 4; Rated:3.63)

2. Two subs that link to the same source.
Main sub: Fungus gardeners -
Derivative 1: Specialized fungus cultures - (Votes: 8; Rated: 4.19)
Derivative 2: Gardener Pfloem - (Votes: 3; Rated: 4.5)

3. Tag two old or new subs as Weavers Guild.
Mnogos, linking to the Totemos - (Votes: 7; Rated: 4.5)
Venetto's soup spiders, linking to three other subs - (Votes: 6; Rated: 4.08)

4. Two ideas on two 2-year old subs, one upvoted.

5. Comments on two more 2-year old subs, one upvoted. (upvoted)

Your dedication is noted and entered into our permanent records.  Since you are the first one to declare for the journeyman's quest, you get to set the precedent on how we choose random subs:

1) Guild master's decision
2) Choose two subs off your "Unvoted by Author" list in your profile
3) Choose two subs of the random list here: I Am Exploring
4) Use the results from a random number generator (sub ID 1 through 7377 currently)

2 and 3 are subtly different.  2 guarantees that you are using subs you haven't voted on, while 3 allows the possibility of repeats.

Dossta, does this mean whichever way Elbin chooses will be the sole way that random subs have to be chosen by you and me when we declare for this quest? I had already saved 2 subs in my fav list for this particular quest and I got the random subs by neither of the 3 approaches you listed. I went to the I'm Exploring link and picked 2 among the Random list that shows up in the middle of the page.

I was planning on giving him the honor, yes, but wasn't aware of the fourth option!  What I will do is offer every newcomer the same 4 options and let them decide. 

For now, I'll take your word for it that your subs are random and not ask you to choose them again.  Are you declaring for this quest after you finish your 2nd level Strolenati challenge?

Well, I'm still deciding b/w the 2 level 2 quests. I want to write some subs for my Dragon Empire setting again and I usually declare for quests in the order of whichever one takes me less time to complete. In this case, both are substantial committments (and I'm blank slate on both) so then it comes down to whichever quest that I can come up with ideas for first.

Hmmm... just finished reading both of the random subs that I've tagged. Looks like I have to create sth on the dark side, which is sth completely new for me.


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