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In the IOLI lacemaker guild there is something called the 'yardage' club. This is reserved for those who complete over two yards of handmade lace at least two inches thick. Given that one square inch takes the most experienced lacemaker 30 minutes to complete this is a serious test of endurance. In the spirit of this weaving tradition I propose the following quest:

The Yardage Achievement

* Read, rate, and comment on no fewer than 5 submissions containing over 4,000 words.  These lengthy submissions are often neglected but are no less in need of critique.
* Craft your own epic of no fewer than 4,000 words. Given the verbage it should be thoroughly fleshed out; maintaining at least a 4.0 over 3 votes.
Given the scope of the undertaking it may be permissible to pursue other quests while on this one. I recommend a special title be added for those who can show such dedication as to complete it. The word and submission limit may be lowered at Dossta's discretion, 4K words is very long. 2K is too short as most of my submissions brush up against there without really trying. The idea is that I've noticed myself skipping over longer reads, and I am sure others do too. This could give those subs a little extra TLC to compensate.

Sounds interesting. However I don't see why it should be allowed alongside with other quests - they also require writing several submissions that may come up to that size, and require thinking about different things. Also, in the tradition of the Weavers, it may have the additional requirement of linking at least five different subs in the final result, with more than 10 links getting a bonus reward.

For the master's quest, I was considering requiring at least one 5-in-one submission.  I hadn't considered requiring a word count, but it is an interesting idea.  Let me think on it awhile.


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