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--- Quote ---Many dabble with the Occult at some stage. Those travelled and wise to the world know that there is a darker, unknown side to life. Necromancers toy on the fringes of the Occult energies to fuel their art, and those of zeal and religious fervor occasionally succumb to the darker side of their faith.
Demons. Devils. Infernal realms. The Wierd and unnatural. Elder beings you daren't awake. All are the domain of the occult. Come; stop wading in the shallows and plunge into the depths! Fall to the darker art and discover what the Occult Brotherhood has to offer.
--- End quote ---

The Occult Brotherhood's prerequisites:

At least ONE of the following must be true to pledge yourself to the Occult Brotherhood:
 - |Be wise to the world|       Minimum level 2 in any guild(s) OR
 - |Dabble in the dark arts|   Minimum level 1 in the Necromantic Cult OR
 - |Fall from your Faith|        Minimum level 1 in the Divine Synod

The Occult Brotherhood's Requirements:
Level 1: Minion
"Your journey must begin with that first step - all cultists of the brotherhood must start somewhere! Prove to us that you are capable: Introduce yourself to us - tell us your story; why do you wish to be accepted into our fold? Once you have introduced yourself, you must set up your ritual room! Show us that you have the knowledge to safely delve into the dark magic which you will be wielding. Finally, a show of strength: You must summon a demon for us! Fear not; we wish only a minor beast to be called upon - after all - you are not ready to command the greater devils!"

* Create an NPC which relates to demons, devils or occultish activities. The name of this NPC will be the name you adopt when you become a minion of The Occult Brotherhood, so choose carefully!
* Create a location infested with or pertaining to demons, devils or the summoning of such.
* Create a 'minor demon' lifeform. Not something able to raze cities, but something which can prove to be tricky to those who encounter it.
* Find, comment and vote on two submissions relating to anything infernal
* Add one idea to the main page relating to the occult
*Stubs and 100-word subs do not count towards completion of this quest.
*All guild-related subs must have at least 3 votes with 3.5 or higher average, or 4 votes with 3.0 or higher average.
*Add 'Occult Brotherhood' as a freetext on all guild related subs.

On completion of the requirements you will be granted the following:

 - Title of 'Minion' of The Brotherhood. 'Minion' may come before or after your chosen name. (Example, "Minion Arrex, of The Brotherhood" or "Unther the Bleeding, Minion of The Brotherhood")
 - 5 stat points to be divided how you wish, but with the following caveat: If your intellect is below 6, the stat points must first be used to boost your intellect up to a minimum of 6, or you may not call yourself Minion. Great depth of knowledge and soundness of mind is needed to maintain your sanity in this most treacherous art.
 - The right to add the Occult Brotherhood Icon to their signature; provided we manage to get one!
 - All the fearful respect which comes with control over the unknown!

and, of course, I would like to pledge myself to the Brotherhood.

I guess this is the first meta-guild, requiring levels in other guilds. I like the link between the roleplay requirements and the posting requirements. These days I was actually thinking about creating a submission with a study for my creative self, which was then to be updated with tomes of my works when they appeared. The thing should also be completely useable as an RP location of course.

Was it not so infernally inclined, I'd be tempted to join too ;)

A final question that came to mind - will this guild be competing with the Necromancers or the Synod in any way? I'm asking mainly because of the "Fall from your faith" part.

Mmm, I don't think this guild needs to compete with the others - I'm sure the Necromancers and Occultists can compliment each other quite well, and there would be plenty of 'evil' religions to sync up nicely with the Synod.
That's not to say future levelling requirements won't be at odds with them... who knows!

Shadoweagle's Progress on The Occult Brotherhood:

1: Create an NPC [In Work]
2: Create a Location [In Work]
3: Create a Lesser Demon[FlickerWikk]
4: Find, comment and vote on 2 Demonic subs [In Work]
5: Create an occultish idea for the Idea Scrolls [In Work]


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