Author Topic: The Occult Brotherhood, Quest 3: The Diabolist  (Read 7115 times)

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The Occult Brotherhood, Quest 3: The Diabolist
« on: August 20, 2013, 09:33:16 PM »
Lazarus Lightward beckons you in to his study, motioning to a seat before inking the last sentence into a tome and gently pushing it to the side.

"Welcome, my faithful Demonologist. By now, you know the brotherhood well. You have completed many trials to get where you are and you are to be commended. However, now my true work begins! We will turn this world against itself! Purity and holiness is a lie, exemplified by the myriad cases of supposed 'righteous' individuals."

Lazarus sighs, "Our goal isn't to turn the world into a place of impurity and corruption. It is merely to lift the veil from peoples' eyes and show them that this is how the world ALREADY is! I want you to begin befouling the world. Show me that men and objects alike are in fact as tainted as the devilish powers with which we play."
Lazarus stands and makes his way to the door, opening it for you,
"Go now. Oh, and if you are up for the task, I have one other thing that you may work on..."

Diabolist, core quest requirements
  • Select TWO Submissions of different categories that other people have created in the Citadel and completely rewrite it with a demonic twist to it, into a submission of it's own right. The submissions you chose cannot already be of a demonic or occult theme.
  • Credit must be given where it is due: You must comment and vote on the submissions you have chosen, if you have not already done so. The original author must be added as a contributor to your submissions. Additionally, you must link back to the uncorrupted submission from your tainted version.

All submissions must individually obtain a 3.5 or greater average vote with at least 3 votes on each submissions, or a 3.0 or higher vote with 5 or more votes.

Diabolist, Optional quest

Disclaimer: When pledging to become a Diabolist, the pledge may request an attempt at the optional quest. The aspiring Diabolist must state whether or not he or she wishes to take on this quest when they first pledge. If they choose to take on the optional quest they get only one attempt at the quest. If they fail they can still advance, but do not recieve the bonus reward.

 - The aspiring Master Diabolist must take the freetext of the week and corrupt it into a submission worthy of the Occult Brotherhood. If the Freetext is already of occult theme, they must wait until the next week that is not so.

 - To pass the optional quest, the submission must get at LEAST a 4 point average with 4 votes on it!

*Stubs and 100 word submissions will not count towards completion of these quests.

On completion of the core requirements you will become a Diabolist of the Brotherhood. You may use this new title in your signature and are granted an additional 2 stat points.

If you choose to complete the bonus quest, you may add one extra point into a mental stat of your choice (wis, int, cha).

In addition, you also gain the superior title reward and Badge reward in accordance to this thread: http://strolen.com/guild/index.php/topic,6368.0.html

If you have chosen to complete the optional quest, you may not advance until you have either passed or failed the quest.
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