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This is probably some weird internet connection problem at my end but anyhow, I can't upload an image made in MS Word using the drawing toolbar to my sub using the add image button when I edit my sub :x. Does anyone know whether there are sites that you can add such a diagram that I've made to share with other ppl with the press of a button (sth like Google documents but no need to subscribe). I did a Google search but a lot of the sites that came up only accepts photos and images.

Um. How exactly are you saving this image? Does MS Word allow you to export it, or are you just saving it inside a .doc file? Because uploading and displaying images is meant for actual image files. Only MS Word (or an emulator like Google Docs) is going to display something that is embedded inside a .doc.

Copy it from word into paint, and save it as .jpg.  Upload that.

It probably needs to be in an image format ( like .png or .jpg) maybe you could take a screenshot of the image and copy it to mspaint (or equivalent), then crop out the image and save it as a jpg; it should then be uploadable on the main site.

Er, yeah. What they said!


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