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Okay, guys, I need some help with the most recent sub I'm writing up for my Dragon Empire setting. In particular, I'm writing up a mythical creation tale abt the Dragon (this is Chinese Dragon as opposed to normal fantasy Dragon) and its Nine Off-springs. The basic gist of this sub is that the Dragon is one of the First (i.e. part of the first creations by a pantheon) and somehow its death has resulted in its essence being scattered into exactly 9 parts. Then somehow, these broken-up essences have bonded with exising life-forms to form Kaijus (as in huge Gozilla-style monsters), known as the 9 Off-springs. I've already got 6 of them but I need ideas for 3 more (and more details to fill out some of the 6 as well). In particular, I was hoping that someone will throw me mix-match body parts of different animals (as that's the basis of my 9 Off-springs).

The current 6 I've got are:
1. typical Chinese dragon- Serpentine body, two frontal appendages ending in claws, with horns of deer but can fly 
2. Upright beast (bearlike) [need fillers]
3. Tiger-like beast, with a saw-teeth tail [more fillers welcome]
4. Eel-like but with a long pointed horn curving downwards sticking out of her forehead
5. Giant rabbit with horse legs and ears being more membranous as opposed to flesh
6. Water serpent [need fillers]

Well, let's take a look at Chinese astrology for inspiration.  You haven't used monkey or rooster yet, so those could make good bases to start with.  Maybe a giant ape-like creature with a rooster tail and claws?  I don't get much from horse, sheep or dog, but maybe pig would work.  That's all for me right now though.

I thought abt the gorilla at one stage but then immediately I thought of the movie starring a gorilla Gozilla-style and I stayed away from it. But your suggestion of an ape-like creature with rooster tail and claws could fit in well. I'll think abt it some more and see whether I want to use as-is or maybe tweak it a little but thanks for the suggestion. I double-posted this and I've gotten a suggestion from Caesar on a Platpus (the duck-billed mammal native to Australia) creature that I'll be incorporating as is.

By Chinese astrology, I presume you mean the 12 animal thing. I haven't systematically thought abt them since I'm writing them up as Kaijus and so I was thinking abt wild beasts more. But thanks for the suggestion, it is worth thinking abt it along this line.

Jumping topic again- Dossta, I'm up to abt p.37 of your novel. So far so good. Just want to give 2 pts of feedback based on what I've read so far:
1. Character development on Vash is somewhat slow (up to what I read so far, she's mainly an observer rather than actively driving the story flow but I'm sure that would come later) but not a major problem considering you said what you sent was only 40% of the planned length. I also see hints of more to come wrt her background that might round out the character more.
2. This is not actual feedback but just a random thought that jumped into my head: at the pt where it was revealed that Terry still had his logout btn and didn't go, I had anticipation of some kind of conspiracy in which Terry might play a role (i.e Terry might be in league with the hacker). It didn't turn out that way (up to the pt I read) and I wasn't particularly disappointed but yeah, just thought I would mention it.

I completely missed this post!  Thanks for the feedback, Moon.  Let me know how if you still feel that Vash is too passive by the time you get to the end of what I've got. 

I had completely forgotten about Terry's button, and I think I was considering a conspiracy at first, but decided that it wouldn't fit his character.  He's the straight-laced, paladin-esque guy (or at least that's how I imagine him).


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